Sunday, October 16, 2011

Desert Warrior by Nalini Singh

desert warrior

"Do not put even one foot on Zulheil soil unless you are ready to stay forever. You will not get past the airport gates before I kidnap you!"

Four years ago Jasmine had to choose between her family and the love of her life. For four years she's regretted her decision. When she heard Tariq's parents had died she decided to make the bold move to visit him and see if there was a way to mend their relationship. Her family made it clear that if she went to him to never come back. She had no idea how much her rejection had hurt him.

"Why are you here?" He tightened his hold around her when the car bounced over something on the road. His muscled body was so much bigger than hers that Jasmine felt surrounded, overwhelmed. But still she didn't fight.
"Because you needed me."
His laugh was a harsh, ragged echo of pain that hurt her inside. "Or have you come to have a liaison with an exotic man. before you marry the one your family has chosen?" With an oath, he dumped her unceremoniously back into her seat. 
Jasmine pushed her fiery plait over her shoulder and lifted her chin. "I don't have liaisons." His distrust of her was clear, but she refused to let that silence her.
"No," he agreed, his voice cold. "you would have to have a heart to experience passion."

Jasmine (aka Mina) doesn't know what she's walking into when she steps off the plane in Zulheil. When Tariq's parents died he became Zulheil's leader. Now she'll have to win back the love and trust of the man who once gave each freely. Could she have made a mistake?

This was a very fun, very steamy oldie but a goodie. It was piggy backed onto the back of 'Lord of the Abyss' and was a delightfully unexpected treat. Tariq was a fun character and definitely had an alpha type personality. Here is an example:
"What do you want, Mina?"
Jasmine swallowed. He traced the movement down her throat with his thumb. 
He raised his head. "No. You have had four years of space. Now you are mine."

I loved the way Jasmine varied her approach at winning him back. If one thing didn't work she'd try something else. She was determined and I liked the way she handled him. I must admit it would have been fun to see a flashback of the two four years prior. Sadly, I foresee no short story about this couple in the future.

The two together heated up the pages to a temperature hotter than the desert heat. At times the relationship resembled a turbulent storm and you wondered if it could survive. At other times it seemed liked they'd never been separated. One thing it wasn't was boring.

This book inspired a song to spring into my mind - Sade's "And I Miss You". The words in the song that kept dancing through my head, "And I miss you, like the deserts miss the rain." Why? Because someone declares, "I need you like the dessert needs rain."

On the Lisarenee Romance Rating Scale, this one gets a SHOWER rating - a warning label should be be attached which states you should make sure your significant other is handy or your shower is in working order because a cold shower may be necessary when reading this book. Need I say more? Overall, I gave this one 5 out of 5 roses.
Buy the standalone eBook, or buy the bonus addition of Lord of the Abyss which includes 'Desert Warrior' in paperback or eBook form:

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