Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cover Wars - The Hunger Games

The following poll was created by my fabulous and clever co-moderator of Nothing but Reading Challenges (aka partner in crime), Sashana. If you'd like to participate in the currently ongoing poll Click Here. Yes, I will shamelessly promote my Goodreads online book club on my blog. lol If you can't be persuaded to join or even if you can, please feel free to leave a comment about which cover is your favorite. Can you tell Sashana and I both love the Hunger Games?
Cover Wars
Cover Wars: One Book, Multiple Covers, You Decide…
★Book: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (Check out the full length movie trailer of HG here if you haven't already seen it. Let us know what you think in our Coffee Talk thread)

Book covers have undergone an evolution! Gone are the days of plain Jane book covers. Today, covers have enough pizzazz and style to rival artistic master pieces. But with so many beautiful covers to choose from who can decide the fairest of them all? Cover Wars allows our members to view one book, its various international covers, and then decide their favorite. It’s our way of slowly finding the creme dela crème of book covers.

[IMPORTANT] If you find that you are having an especially hard time voting for your favorite cover then feel to comment your top five picks. Tell us your least favorite. Also, if you have a particular book that you would like to see in next month’s Cover Wars then shoot me a message or leave a comment.

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