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Seduction of a Highland Warrior (Highland Warriors, #3) by Sue-Ellen Welfonder

  • Title: Seduction of a Highland Warrior (The Highland Warriors)
  • Classification: Adult Fiction
  • Genre: Historical Romance
  • Format: Paperback; 432 pages
  • Publisher: Forever (January 29, 2013)
  • ISBN-10: 0446561797
  • ISBN-13: 978-0446561792
  • Author's Website:

King Robert III ordered a trial by combat/battle to the death, to decide which three clans would reside in the land now held by the Mackintosh, Cameron, and MacDonald clans. After the combat, the King declared a truce between the remaining clans, and, if not upheld, the clan(s) causing trouble would be severely punished and banished to Hebridean Isle. A fate none wanted. 

That was the day three young woman decided to take matters into their own hands to ensure the peace endured. Lady Catriona, Lady Isobel, and Lady Marjory were each from different clans, and they made a pact to marry into another. It was their hope that by intermarrying, they could tie the clans together by blood, thereby, uniting them. Each woman picked a potential husband. Isobel had picked Kendrew Mackintosh to be her husband and had successfully won him. Likewise Lady Cationa had sought out and won the affections of James Cameron. Only Lady Marjory has yet to win her suit for Alsdair MacDonald.

Just before the trial by combat, Lady Isobel's brother, James, went to the Makers of Dreams hoping to find out the outcome of the battle before it took place. Instead, he been given a prophecy, "Peace will be had when innocents pay the price of blood and gold covers the glen."

Now it's Magory's turn to try to win her man, but could a prophecy yet unfulfilled signify that a union between her and Alsdair is ill fated and could break the delicate balance of peace which exists amongst the clans? Is she destined for her own happily ever after? 


This is the third book of the Highland Warriors trilogy. If you haven't read the first two books of the series, I recommend that you do. It would let you have a better understanding of the characters and events involved in this book. I personally feel you'd enjoy this book more by reading the two previous books in the series.

This books starts off with Alsdair having been away from the Glen of Many Legends for a year with no word. He thought he could quell his feelings for Marjory, but once he sees her again he realizes he was wrong. He and her brother are sworn enemies. To attempt a relationship with her could end very badly for all involved. It could invoke a war and bring about the King's wrath.

Marjory isn't positive of Alsdair's feelings for her. Anyone who see the two within eyesight of one another, however, would have no doubts about who either of them favors. That includes Majory's brother who is determined to prevent a union between the two from ever happening. With encouragement from her sister-in-law, Marjory attempts to seduce Alsdair and win her man. Before she gets very far, however, she has a dream that is so life like that when she awakens she can still smell the smoke. She worries it might be a warning about her future. For Majory has in her possession an amber necklace laced with gemstones that, according to legend, could aid the owner aid in times of trouble. Gifted to her by her sister-in-law, the necklace was once part of a collection which had been handed down through the generations by the MacDonald clan. It's said the amber gemstones had been a gift from Manannan Mac Lir, the mighty god of sea and wind. If the dream proves true, then her life may be in jeopardy. Before the dream could play out in it's entirety, she awoke. Could it be a sign her fate was not set in stone?

Overall, I gave this one a 4 out of 5 roses. I absolutely adore all the legends and lore Ms. Welfonder created for this series. I enjoyed how Alsdair attempts to try to do the right thing and leave Marjory alone, but she won't let him. I giggled at the advice Isobel was giving Marjory on how to go about seducing Alsdair. This was a very fun read. On the Lisarenee Romance Rating Scale, this one gets a STEAM rating--too hot for a fan, but you still have a handle on things. You should use extreme caution when reading a book with this rating in public. People may inquire as to why you looked flustered and flushed.

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  1. I'm on the second now and Sue-Ellen always draws me right into her stories. Do you know how hard it was to hold Alasdair's story in my hands and make myself wait to read the others first? I've been in love with her characters and their stories since Devil In A Kilt when it first came out.


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