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Shattered Circle (Persephone Alcmedi, #6) by Linda Robertson

Title: Wicked Circle (Persephone Alcmedi)
  • Classification: Adult Fiction
  • Genre: Urban Fantasy
  • Format: Paperback; 384 pages
  • Publisher: Pocket Books (January 29, 2013)
  • ISBN-10: 1451648936
  • ISBN-13: 978-1451648935
  • Author's Website:

They say the Lustrata will bring balance. That she'll be able to erase the lines drawn between humans, waerewolves, vampires, and witches. That her word shall be law and benefit all. That while the pendulum of power swings, she will be able maintain the balance despite the swinging.

With great power, however, comes great responsibility, and sometimes the line between priorities needs to shift in order to maintain balance. Sometimes hard choices and sacrifices need to be made. The real challenge is to recognize the what, when, and how of it. Menessos already seems to have gotten his priorities figured out, now it's Johnny and Seph's turn. With everything changing and outside forces attempting to tip the scales in favor of their agendas, they're going to need to stand strong and band together. For they're going to need each other more than ever. 


This is the sixth book of the Persephone Alcmedi series. If you haven't read the previous books, you really should. The books build upon each other like a group of stepping stones with each one leading up to the next. A progression of steps that reveal bits and pieces about the world and the characters. This is the first book of the series, where I've felt after reading, it that the the base has been solidly set, and now it's time for Persephone's real work to begin.

In Arcane Circle, Johnny got his powers back. In Wicked Circle, he and his beast were at odds, his past and present finally merged, and he found out he was a father. Now he's dealing with the wild side of his nature in another way--his libido is in high gear. Just the scent of a female waerewolf sets it off and he's trying not to act upon it. While it appears to be a side effect of his coming into his powers, I can't help but wonder is someone might be aware of Johnny's condition and is slipping something into his food or drink to heighten this reaction. One thing for sure, Aurelia appears to be more than willing to tip the lust in her direction. Johnny already suspects she used her feminine charms to keep the last Rege in check. She's beautiful, smart, strong, and Johnny's pretty sure she's manipulative and devious as well and doesn't trust her, but she's got her sights set on Johnny. Will he be able to resist?

On the home front, Persephone's ward, Beverly, has gone missing. She got ahold of Seph's bespelled slate and disappeared within the ley line. Seph is once again seeking Menessos' help to figure out how to find and save Beverly. Apparently, Beverly isn't fully human. In the supernatural world at certain ages people come into their powers and guess who just celebrated her birthday? That's right, Beverly. So while most parents and guardians have to deal with the typical growing pains, Seph will have her hands full with a touch more.

In Wicked Circle, Menessos introduced Seph to a mysterious man she nicknamed Creepy, because he was, and wouldn't let her know his name. Menessos made a deal with him to keep Seph safe. On more than one occasion, he's revealed an avid interest in Seph. Well, you didn't really think he was gone for good did you? We'll finally find out who and what he is and this time Seph will make a deal with him. Will it cost her everything? 

Overall, I gave this one 4 out of 5 roses. It was a bit different from the previous novels. Instead of focusing on just one area, it seemed to be all over the place. The trio of Seph, Johnny, and Menessos have slowly been tugged in different directions and all have needed to deal with their own issues and separate power struggles. They needed to figure out their priorities and start getting their ducks all lined up in a row. Yes, with power comes great responsibility and sometimes you get by with a little help from your friends. I think this book marks the turning point where all three of them finally realize just how much they need each other. It seems their fates are interwoven. I look forward to seeing what Ms. Robertson has in store for the next book.
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