Saturday, June 29, 2013

Camp Gottaread Summer Reading Challenge

This is a challenge that my fellow moderators of the Goodreads group, Nothing but Reading Challenges, and I starting discussing while feeling a little creative and silly in the midst of creating another challenge. We decided it had enough potential to create reading challenge out of and this is the result. If you'd like to join our Goodreads group to join the challenge, here is the link: 
We hope you enjoy. Happy Reading.

 photo fa44821c-fba4-4caf-8656-fccf0bcdc882_zps1527eb47.jpg

In the margins of one thousand pages lake where the trees of all shades of cover colors reside,
there lurks a camp that the most devout of all readers wish to find. 
It's name is Camp Gottaread and I've got to say, 
action and adventure are mere moments away. 
Just pick up a book and what you most desire, 
can be found within its pages in only one, two, or possibly several hours. 
Take a trip, live in a castle, or gain mysterious powers, 
for books are the genies which make everything we desire ours. 

Duration: June 21st through September 21st, 2013.

Bookie Rookie; Read 3 - 5 Books
Book Bandit; Read 6 - 8 Books
Book Worm; Read 9 - 11 Books
Book Aficionado; Read 12 - 14 Books
Book Addict; Read 15+ Books

Camp Gottaread Activities: 
- Climb the intimidating heights of Mount TBR
Read books from your to-be-read stack)
- Fish for new novels you never knew existed
(Read books you just discovered)
- Hike the books you've felt were too big to read
(Read books you've always found intimidating)
- Swim the seas of series you've always meant to finish but never have
(Read books in series you've meant to finish but never found the time to do so)
- Explore the tales of new named authors
(Read books written by new-to-you authors)
- Listen to Campfire tales
(Read assorted novellas or short stories in anthologies that are scary)

Read any combination of the above activities or stick with just one. It's up to you. The main goal of this challenge is to inspire you to read and have fun doing it. :)

Pictures, photographs, and gifs were found in the shared area of Photobucket and were not created or taken by me and I have no idea where they originally came from.

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