Friday, August 2, 2013

August Author Appreciation Reading Challenge

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This is a challenge I created for the Goodreads group, Nothing but Reading Challenges. If you'd like to participate by joining that group, you can get to the challenge by CLICKING HERE

Duration: August

Levels of Play:
- Enthusiast; Read 2 - 3 Books
- Fan; Read 4 - 6 Books
- Follower; Read 7 - 8 Books
- Devotee ; Read 9 - 10 Books
- Fanatic; Read 11 - 12 Books
- World's Biggest Fan; Read 13+ Books

Rules of Play:

Pick a Level of play, then read 2 or more books (according to the level of play you choose) which fit one or more of the following criteria. You may mix and match at your leisure:

- Show your appreciation for one or more of your favorite authors by reading one of their books.

- Show your appreciation for an author with a double identity (writes under more than one name/pseudonym) by reading a book under each of their known "identities".(For examples, check out our Double Identity (Author) Reading Challenge by Clicking Here)

- Show your appreciation for a still very new to you author (one whom you've only read a book or two from) by reading another one of their books for this challenge.

- Show your appreciation for an author you love who has branched out into one or more genres that you haven't tried yet, and read at least one of those books.

- Show your appreciation of authors who go the extra mile and do something extra (like include a recipe or short story at the back of the book or on their website) and read the book (and then make the recipe or read the short story).

- Show your appreciation of new authors by reading a book by a "New 2 U" author who has been highly recommended to you by your family and/or friends and that you've never read a book by. (If this option interests you, check out our New 2 U challenge by Clicking Here 

- Show your appreciation of authors who team up to write a book or series by reading one of their collaborations (anthologies don't count). For examples, check out the Goodreads Listopia for Author Collaborations (Dynamic Duos) by Clicking Here  If you like this option, then check out our The Dynamic Duos (Authors) Reading Challenge by Clicking Here

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