Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday Musings - The Misunderstood Sparkly Vampires of Twilight

People go off on the sparkly vampire of Twilight because I think they don't get what Meyers was trying to portray. She referred to the twinkly vamps as the "Cold Ones". When Bella first touches Edward she describes his touch as being cold and he acknowledged he loved that her touch was warm. Now visualize something that's been in the freezer for a while. It usually gets a thin coat of ice on it. I thought it was an interesting way to think of how the vampires wouldn't decay. They were freeze dried. Now, I could totally be wrong, but when they showed Edward out in the sun during that first movie, that's what I thought of. He's not sparkly so much as frozen--frozen at a certain time in his life to be forever and eternally young. With that thought in mind, check out the sparkly look again. Doesn't he look frost covered?

sunlight edward photo: edward sparkling in the sunlight twilight26.jpg

Now granted, I wouldn't deny anyone their laugh at the thought of the most predatory of beings in literature being sparkly. The contrast is a bit much, and maybe Meyers should have used a different adjective to describe the sparkle, as a friend of mine Sara suggested, but I for one rather like the idea that the reflection of light off their skin is comparable to how light glistens off a blanket of freshly laid snow.

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