Friday, May 2, 2014

Night Diver by Elizabeth Lowell

Title: Night Diver: A Novel
Classification: Adult Fiction
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense
Hardcover: 368 pages
Publisher: William Morrow (April 8, 2014)
ISBN-10: 0062132822
ISBN-13: 978-0062132826
Notes: Received a print copy from the publisher.

Kate Donnelly has been avoiding the ocean and diving for nearly fifteen years. Her childhood was spent aboard the decks of the Golden Bough with her family exploring the ocean depths looking for the mother load of lost treasures-- the wreck of the Moon Rose. Reported to be carrying a King's ransom in jewels and gold when it went down, finding it has become her family's obsession. Now her grandfather and brother have asked for her help to get them out of a financial bind that resulted from the signing of a contract that her brother had no business signing. His judgement had been clouded by the dream or, perhaps more accurately, the sickness attached to treasure hunting and signed a contract that didn't offer enough compensation to cover their expenses. She's agreed to help out if her one stipulation is met--she can stay on shore and never step foot upon the Golden Bough.

Holden Cameron has been hired by his company to see if any funny business is going on with the dive recovery company that was hired to excavate the wreck of a ship. As items from what they believe to be the remains of the Moon Rose have started showing up on the black market, Holden's been charged with proving that the crew or the owners of the Moon Rose LTD are stealing the treasure out from under the British government's nose. When he meets the owner's sister, Kate, he wonders if she was sent in to distract him from his task because if she was, she's definitely doing a damn fine job of it.


One of the things I love about Elizabeth Lowell's books is they each seem to appeal to the adventurous side of me that loves exploring. When I was little I use to watch Jacques Cousteau and dream of going deep sea diving. Of exploring the mysteries of the ocean and finding sunken treasure.This is another fun filled mystery/adventure which luckily didn't end with a story about the one that got away. Kate Donnelly has managed to separate herself from the family's addiction for fortune hunting, a very fun but not very lucrative occupation. Her parent's deaths cured her of that and helped her view the family's chosen profession in a different, more realistic light. To this day she is haunted by the events that led up to their deaths and has not set foot on a boat or in the ocean for the past fifteen years.

Holden Cameron is a former British dive bomb specialist who, due to injuries he sustained, now stays mostly out of the water. Under the guise of a consultant to evaluate Moon Rose Limited's operation, he's come to St. Vincent for one reason--to catch Moon Rose Limited in the act of stealing the artifacts they were hired to uncover for British government's Antiquities Office. When Holden meets Kate he's not sure if she's in on the scam or an innocent bystander. While he tries to keep a professional distance from her, he and she both find themselves having a hard time fighting their mutual attraction. This creates for a fun story with a relationship that slowly grows and develops as the two begin to get to know and trust each other. They each have to accept the possibility things may become difficult if, as the evidence begins to suggest, Kate's family is involved in the stealing.

Overall, I gave this one 4 out of 5 roses. I loved the mystery associated with the artifacts that were being put on the black market. I liked the twist that I didn't see coming. Additionally, I adored the complicated relationship which slowly gained momentum and strength like a wave until it crested and peaked into something neither Holden or Kate could deny. Fast paced, fun, and enjoyable. On the Lisarenee Romance Rating Scale, this one earned a STEAM rating--too hot for a fan, but you still have a handle on things. You should use extreme caution when reading a book with this rating in public. People may inquire as to why you looked flustered and flushed.

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