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Early Review of Burn for Me (Hidden Legacy, #1) by Ilona Andrews

    Classification: Adult Fiction
    Genre: Urban Fantasy
    Series: Hidden Legacy (Book 1)
    Format: Paperback; 400 pages
    Publisher: Avon (October 28, 2014)
    ISBN-10: 0062289233
    ISBN-13: 978-0062289230
    Author's Website:
    Notes: I received and eARC loan from the publisher.

A century and a half ago, the Osiris serum was discovered by scientists which unlocked a person's magical abilities. The serum was given to soldiers so that wars could be won, but scientists didn't comprehend what they'd truly done until much later and by then it was too late. The serum was locked away, but the damage had been done because it was soon found that magical talents could be passed from parent to child. The world as we knew it was changed forever as a restructuring of power occurred. Money no longer guaranteed power, influence, and prestige in this magically oriented new world, rather, one's magical abilities did. For from the power of magic, one could acquire the rest.

Talents varied among people, but each person showed potential toward one specific type of magic. Among the varying types of magics, ranges of talent were soon noted and magic users were categorized into five different ranks: Minor, Average, Notable, Significant, and Prime. The highest and strongest being Prime. Soon magical dynasties, as the most powerful of magical families came to be called, were broken into houses and attempted to manipulate and enhance their family's magical potential by arranging marriages which would bring about the most gifted and talented of offspring. 

Connor Rogan had gained many monikers over the years among which are Mad Rogan, the Butcher of Merida, and Huracan. He is known for his part in single handedly killing thousands in the war against Mexico using his magical skills which helped bring about a favorable end to the fighting. No one knows the extent of his powers, but the overall consensus is the man is scary and not somebody you want to mess with. He's been asked by his cousin, Kelly, to help her bring her son, Gavin, into the authorities. Gavin's been accused of arson, for which he had been caught on tape, and the murder of a security guard who was present when the fire occurred. She wants her son to be brought to trial where she's certain he'll be seen as an accessory to the crime as she believes the real instigator and killer is Adam Pierce--the leader of a motorcycle gang her son had the misfortune of getting mixed up with. Since the arson, no one has seen Gavin and the key to finding Gavin is to track down and find Adam Pierce.

Nevada Baylor is a private eye working for the family business--Baylor Investigative Agency. Five years ago due to the financial strain from medical bills, the family was forced to mortgage their business to House Montgomery. In the fine print of the paperwork existed a clause that stated turning down an assignment from Montgomery International Investigations, aka MII, (their mortgage holder's investigative company) would constitute a breach of contract. In the five years that House Montgomery had held the mortgage, they'd never invoked the clause until now...

"I have an assignment for you.(...) We'd like you to apprehend this man."

He slid a photograph across the desk, I leaned forward.

Adam Pierce looked back at me with his crazy eyes.

"Is this a joke?"


Adam Pierce is a dangerous Prime, the most potent of magic users, and taking on the case is the equivalent of taking on a suicide mission. If Nevada doesn't do so, however, her family will lose everything.

This is the first book of a brand new series that is down right phenomenal. If you've ever read one of Ilona Andrew's books, you'll know they're magic infused and this one is no different. So prepare yourself for a magically fun journey.

Nevada's family has three rules which had been established by her father:
Rule #1: We stayed bought. Once a client hired us, we were loyal to the client.
Rule #2: We didn't break the law. 
Rule #3: At the end of the day we still had to be able to look our reflections in the eye.
In a world where magic rules, those without it are at a severe disadvantage. You have to tread carefully because crossing someone with the wrong abilities could be the last mistake you ever make. When you're in Nevada's line of work, you need to check out the people involved in a case before taking it. The rule of thumb is, if a client or any individual you would need to deal with to solve a case looked too dangerous, you decline the job. Unfortunately if she did that in the case of Adam Pierce, MII would leave her family financially bankrupt, homeless, and without a business. They'd literally have to start from nothing. 

Nevada is a smart, strong, resourceful and loyal woman who would have entered the military, which was the family tradition for the females of the family, if her father hadn't died. In order to keep the family financially afloat, she took over the family business, Baylor Investigative Agency. Her two sisters, brother, and cousin  are all under 18 and neither her mother nor grandmother were in any shape to run it. While her family has magical talents, there's nothing that would attract much attention. Everyone, however, is on the payroll and helps out where and when they can. Nevada's particular talent is that she can tell whether or not a person is telling the truth or lying. It comes in very handy when questioning people. 

Adam Pierce is a piece of work. He's a charismatic, good looking, live-for-today-who-cares-about- tomorrow type of guy. He is smart, sometimes cruel, and easily board. His motto could very well be 'All for one--ME'. He's a  young man who never truly grew up. In other words, he is a spoiled brat who is too old and too dangerous to change. In order for Nevada to bring Adam in, she'll have to capture his attention by being interesting and hold it. Then somehow manage to convince him to turn himself in, for that is truly her only shot at coming out of this job alive. 

Connor Rogan could be the poster child for what most magical families wish to achieve. No longer a boy, he's a fourth generation Prime who's smart, good looking, with magical talents that are off the charts. At the beginning of the book he appeared to be a cold, cruel, and calculating man who was dangerously powerful. I instantly disliked him. I never imagined he'd end up being a candidate as love interest for Nevada. As the novel progresses, however, the ice which seemed to encircle him appears to thaw and a slightly different side to the man starts to emerge. He is a surprising character that had me struggling as to whether I liked him throughout the book. His first encounter with Nevada will no doubt raise the hackles of some, but as I came to understand him my opinion changed and I was more than half in love with him by the end. I found myself enjoying his interactions with Nevada, and I respected her for refusing to let him off the hook so easily for what he'd done. For a man used to having woman fall all over themselves to get close to him, I can only imagine Nevada was a refreshing change.  

I couldn't help but give this book 5 out of 5 roses. I enjoyed every aspect of the book and was carried away by the story. At the beginning I kept thinking oh, this reminds me of this book and that reminds me of another book, but those thoughts were quickly dispelled as it soon became clear it wasn't really like any other book I've read. I enjoyed the sexual tension between Nevada and Rogan and the way Nevada handled herself with Adam. I loved all the twists and turns that were thrown at us along way and the mystery of just what Adam was up to--and let me just say without giving away too much, it's a doozie. This will no doubt end up in my top ten favorite books of 2014. Another amazing book by Ilona Andrews. Picture me on the day the next book in the series comes out with my nose pressed up against the bookstore glass door chanting under my breath, 'Open, open, open.' lol Okay, I'm just joking about that last part, but you get the idea. *GRIN* On the Lisarenee Romance Rating Scale, this one earned a BLUSH rating--at the beginning stages of romance where something is just starting to be stirred. I like that Nevada's taking things slow. Oh, and by the way, I call dibs on Rogan as a book boyfriend. lol

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