Sunday, November 30, 2014

Early Review of It's a Wonderful Fireman (The Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel #6.5) by Jennifer Bernard (Novella)

    Title: It's a Wonderful Fireman
    Classification: Adult Fiction
    Genre: Contemporary Romance
    Series: Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel
    Format: Paperback; 240 pages
    Publisher: Avon Impulse (December 23, 2014)
    ISBN-10: 006238936X
    ISBN-13: 978-0062389367
    Notes: I received an eARC loan from the publisher.

Dean Mulligan never had much of a childhood. He grew up being moved from one foster home to the next. Christmas was not a day to look forward to as it was never any different from any other day. If anything, bad memories from childhood Christmases past lingered with him as an adult. It's no wonder he didn't grow up to have any Christmas holiday spirit. But it was more than that. Dean grew up thinking he wasn't worthy of being showered with gifts, didn't deserve to find happiness, didn't merit being loved. This year, however, Dean is going to realize the hard way that he has something to celebrate and that he's finally found the place where he belongs.
When an author tries to take a bit of an old classic and work a bit of its magic into their own story it usually goes one of two ways--it's either a hit or miss. Luckily, Ms. Bernard managed to zero in on the essence that made the classic, It's a Wonderful Life, such a wonderful story and use it to her advantage to create another memorable and enjoyable read of her very own. I absolutely adored the story and felt it captured the spirit of the original very well.

Dean Mulligan is a giver. After all he's been through he somehow managed to turn out to be a pretty great guy, but he doesn't see himself that way. He's been told by various people over the years that he'd never amount to much, that the world would be better if he'd never been born, and that he is no-good. While he's tried not to, a part of him has always believed that and so he's kept his distance from others. When he and Lizzie meet, he feels something for her he's never felt for anyone else, but doesn't feel worthy of her. He's even warned her that their relationship can't go anywhere. When he finds himself ironically trapped in a burning Christmas store, he figures it's just his luck he'd die in such a way. Christmas had never been kind to him. But as he lies there struggling in and out of consciousness, he's made to see what life would be like if he hadn't been around for the ride.

I couldn't help but give this one 5 out of 5 roses. It was the type of feel good story that makes you warm and fuzzy all over and is a perfect read for this holiday season. It was full of humor, touching scenes, and a happy ending. I loved the relationship between Dean and Lizzie and how she never gave up on him. On the Lisarenee Romance Rating Scale, this one earned a STEAM rating--too hot for a fan, but you still have a handle on things. You should use extreme caution when reading a book with this rating in public. People may inquire as to why you looked flustered and flushed.

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