Thursday, November 24, 2011

Darker Angels (The Black Sun's Daughter, #2) by M.L.N. Hanover

"Eric, it's Karen. I've found it!" a women said. "It's in New Orleans, and I know where it's going next. There's a little girl with Sight, and she says her sister is the next target. I don't know how long I've got. I need you."
Jayné Heller has spent the past six months attempting to visit the properties her uncle Eric left her. Problem is she's only just scratched the surface. Attempting to learn more about her elusive uncle, she and her crew are creating a wiki of all the papers and artifacts they find at the various locations. While in Athens, Greece at one of the houses her uncle left her, Jayné receives a call from Karen Black, an ex-FBI agent seeking Eric's help. Karen has just uncovered the location of a serial killing rider (demon spirit which latched on to human hosts). More than one of their lives will be put in jeopardy and alliances will be tested. Karen and her crew will need to use all their skills to stop this killer and figure out just what is going on before it's too late.

I absolutely loved this one. We got a better understanding of riders and learned that some riders might not threaten or destroy their human host. In this book, Jayné will need to gain more confidence in herself and her abilities. She'll also learn a little about her family history that will shock her.

It was really enjoyable seeing Jayné grow as a person in this one. Put in the seemingly impossible position of stepping into Eric's shoes, she's doing her best she can. It's unbelievable that Eric left his entire "kingdom" to Jayné without an instruction manual. While not particularly feeling that she could ever fill her uncle's shoes, she'll learn to trust her own judgement. We also get an inner view at how the dynamics of Jayné's newly formed "family" works.  

This one contained many twists and turns that kept my attention. I gave this one 5 out of 5 roses. If you haven't read this series yet, you are truly missing out.

Notes for being in the know: When authors use names for creatures I've never heard of before I can't help but wonder if they totally made them up or if such things exist creatures in mythology or lore. Well, as it turns out I did find information on Loas, Legbas, and Carrefour.

- According to Wikipedia "The Loa (also Lwa or L'wha) are the spirits of the voodoo religion practiced in Louisiana, Haiti, Benin, and other parts of the world. They are also referred to as Mystères and the Invisibles, in which are intermediaries between Bondye (Bon Dieu, or good god)—the Creator, who is distant from the world—and humanity. Unlike saints or angels however, they are not simply prayed to, they are served. They are each distinct beings with their own personal likes and dislikes, distinct sacred rhythms, songs, dances, ritual symbols, and special modes of service. Contrary to popular belief, the loa are not deities in and of themselves; they are intermediaries for a distant Bondye."

The following really relates to the series:
"In a ritual the Loa are summoned by the Houngan (Priest), Mambo (Priestess) or Bokor (Sorcerers) to take part in the service, receive offerings, and grant requests. The Loa arrive in the peristyle (ritual space) by mounting (possessing) a horse (ritualist) - who is said to be "ridden." This can be quite a violent occurrence as the participant can flail about or convulse before falling to the ground, but some Loa, such as Ayizan, will mount their horses very quietly.
To read more about the Loa, here is a link to Wikipedia: 

- According to encyclopedia Mythica, "In Voodoo ceremonies, Legba is always the first to be invoked. No Loa, a spirit of the dead, is allowed to enter into the worshippers unless he has Legba's permission. This is because he holds the key to the gate separating the humans' world and the world of the gods."
To read more about Legba, here is a link to Encyclopedia Mythica:

- According to Wikipedia Carrefour, "As the name indicates, also controls the crossroads and has the power to grant or deny access to all other Loa, and he allows the "crossing" of bad luck, delibrate destruction, misfortune and injustices"
To read more about Carrefour here is a link to Wikipedia:

Order of series:

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