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Timeless (Timeless, #1) by Alexandra Monir

  • Title: Timeless
  • Classification: Young Adult; Ages 12 and up 
  • Genre: Science Fiction
  • Format: Hardcover, 304 pages
  • Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers (January 11, 2011)
  • ISBN-10: 0385738382
  • ISBN-13: 978-0385738385
  • Author's Website:

          Her heart racing, she stared at him as he carelessly peeled off his gloves and dropped his hat, the three items falling together in a heap on the floor. He then reached for the hand of the girl in the mirror. And to Michele's astonishment, she felt his touch. She quickly looked down, but though her hand was empty, she could feel his fingers interlacing with hers, the sensation causing a flutter inside her.
     What's happening to me? Michele thought frantically. But suddenly she couldn't think anymore, for as she looked at the boy and girl embracing in the mirror, she felt strong arms encircling her own waist.

     "I'm waiting for you," he murmured, smiling a slow, familiar grin that seemed to hint at a secret between them.

     And for the first time, Michele and the mirror reflection were in sync as they both whispered, "Me too."

For years Michele Windsor has been having the same dream. A dream about a boy with dark hair and eyes as blue as sapphires dressed in old fashioned attire. He's always with a girl who looks like Michele wearing a key around her neck that Michele has never seen. When she wakes she feels a sense of loss. When her mom is killed in a car accident, one of the items she inherits is a key that looks just like the one the girl in her dreams wears. Could he, the boy in her dreams, truly be real???

This was a fun book that reminded me a little of a Young Adult version of the 'Time Travelor's Wife', but instead of a genetic inclination toward spontaneous time traveling, a key is the way Michele goes from one time to the next. The mystery as to how the key works and how her father acquired it (for it was said to be given to her mother by her father) will be something Michele will need to find out on her own. Her father disappeared before she was born and she knows very little about him. Her time traveling is further complicated because, for some reason, only certain individuals can see her. There will be many things which Michele will need to figure out with little clues.

I liked both Michele and Phillip. The complication from living in two different times was heart breaking. I enjoyed how Michele got to meet some of her relatives from the past and find out some family secrets. I think that would be a fun thing to do. I'm curious how the next book in the series will continue and hope some of the unanswered questions in this book will be answered in the next. I would like to learn more about Michele's father because we know so little. I'd like to learn more about the key. The book ended in a cliffhanger that could go in so many different directions. Overall, I enjoyed the book and gave it 3 out of 5 roses. 

Author Extras: 
- Michele and Phillip both love music and created 2 songs ('Bring The Colors Back' & 'Chasing Time') together in the book. Michele writes the lyrics while Phillip composes the music. To purchase the songs from iTunes Click Here.
- To read an excerpt of  'The Timekeeper', the next book of the series Click Here.

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