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Giveaway of a Signed copy of Lothaire (Immortals After Dark # 12) by Kresley Cole

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Last week Kresley Cole came to Tampa and did a book signing at Books-A-Million. She is one of my favorite paranormal romance authors. As I state in my rating scale, if I was rich I'd buy everyone I encountered a book from my favorite authors. Well, I'm still not rich, but alas I can occasionally share the love of my favorite authors through giveaways. As you can see from the above photos, a mysterious orb ended up in three photos at the book signing. Kresley was nice enough to agree to do another picture with me because the first was "compromised" by the mysterious orb of light. If the orb had been in just the first photo, I'd have dismissed it as perhaps the light of a flash from a camera or a spotlight, but with three such photos I'm not sure what to think. I snapped another picture shortly after the first three were taken to see if something was off with my camera, but no mysterious orb showed up in that picture. The pictures were not taken by me, but by one of the Kresley Cole crew. The second photo was taken when my camera accidentally took a picture of the lower half of the handsome male model, Paul Marron. The only reason I'm displaying it is so you can see the orb of light which is in the picture. Some have speculated it was an encounter of a "ghostly" kind. I just found it odd the orb seemed to be following me and was in three different photos, in three different places, at three different angles. As far as I know, I'm the only one whose camera displayed this mysterious orb. Speculation was that perhaps it was the ghostly ballerina, Néomi Laress, from 'Dark Needs at Night's Edge' (Immortals After Dark, #5) who stopped in to make an appearance. lol What do you think?

Book Description:

Installment 12 in the bestselling
 Immortals After Dark series

The Man. The Myth. The Monster.

 Evil finally has a name.

#1 New York Times bestselling author Kresley Cole continues her electrifying Immortals After Dark series with this thrilling tale, revealing secrets of the Lore, fierce realm of the immortals. . .


Driven by his insatiable need for revenge, Lothaire, the Lore’s most ruthless vampire, plots to seize the Horde’s crown. But bloodlust and torture have left him on the brink of madness—until he finds Elizabeth Peirce, the key to his victory. He captures the unique young mortal, intending to offer up her very soul in exchange for power, yet Elizabeth soothes his tormented mind and awakens within him emotions Lothaire believed he could no longer experience.


Growing up in desperate poverty, Ellie Peirce yearned for a better life, never imagining she’d be convicted of murder—or that an evil immortal would abduct her from death row. But Lothaire is no savior, as he himself plans to sacrifice Ellie in one month’s time. And yet the vampire seems to ache for her touch, showering her with wealth and sexual pleasure. In a bid to save her soul, Ellie surrenders her body to the wicked vampire, while vowing to protect her heart.


Elizabeth tempts Lothaire beyond reason, as only his fated mate could. As the month draws to a close, he must choose between a millennia-old blood vendetta and his irresistible prisoner. Will Lothaire succumb to the miseries of his past . . . or risk everything for a future with her?


This is the first of three giveaways. Open to US residents only who are 18 years old or older.  Up for grabs 1 signed copy of Lothaire (Immortals After Dark # 12). It was signed by both Kresley Cole and Paul Marron, the male model whose picture graces the cover. Let me say both Kresley and Paul are better looking in person and both were very nice. If you end up being the winner, you'll have 48 hours to respond to my email once it's been sent or another winner will be chosen. Good luck!

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  1. Thanks for the chance!

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  2. Thank you for the giveaway! Hope you had fun at the book signing.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  3. Thanks for the great giveaway. Kresley Cole's books are awesome.

  4. Great giveaway - thanks for participating!

  5. Thank you for the great giveaway! Love Kresley Cole!!


  6. Yay! I got on. Great giveaway, Lisa!

  7. Thanks for the giveaway. Read so many great reviews on Lothaire. Can't wait to start reading this series.

  8. Awesome! Glad you got to go to the signing. I heard about it at the B-A-M I work at and wished I lived in Florida still. Thanks for the giveaway!


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