Monday, January 30, 2012

Have you ever wanted to be on the cover of a romance novel?

I just found a fun new app by Forever Romance / Hachette Book Group, Inc. which allows you to grace the cover of a romance  novel. It's the 'Forever Yours' app. Here is what I created for me:

I just wish they hadn't cut the man's face off. lol There are several covers to choose from and if you're a guy there's even a couple of covers you can get into. I suggest you get a friend to take the picture if your using your iPhone because I couldn't get my phone to take the picture via the other camera lens which would have made the picture far more easier to take. I had to use a mirror. FYI, once the picture is taken you can move it around and/or shrink it or enlarge it to fit the area provided. So have fun and enjoy. You know....I always wanted to get my hubby into a kilt. I might have a use for 'The Guardian' cover after all. *grin* Too bad they didn't have a couple cover that you and your significant other could both be on.

Covers you can really get into:

I do hope they add more covers.

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