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Create Your Perfect Prom Night Reading Challenge


We at Nothing but Reading Challenges believe you are only as old as you feel. Therefore, we thought it would be fun to invite everyone to a Prom of their own making in the form of a reading challenge. In the States, May is the traditional month you'll start seeing Proms taking place, so that is why we designated this time period for this particular challenge. So if you've never been or your true Prom was a disaster or you want to relive the experience or you just want a reason to read, then this challenge is for you. Enjoy!

What: The 'Create Your Perfect Prom Night' Reading Challenge

When: April 1st - May 31st

Where: Nothing but Reading Challenges group (an online Goodreads book club)

Why: Because it's fun and that's our groups middle name. I have no clue what our last name is, so don't ask. ;)

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**** Please don't be intimidated by the size of this one. Feel free to trim or reduce to the size you feel comfortable with. For example, you may just wish to tell us your color scheme instead of reading books for it. Just pick what part you want to read and fill in what you don't with what your choice would be. This is supposed to be fun and it should be catered to your preferences. So have fun and enjoy!

The first item on the agenda is to pick your Prom Theme. Mine was 'Now It's Our Turn'. You can fashion it after your favorite song or perhaps a book title you think would be appropriate.

- You may pick a book that has your theme as the title, several books that combined contain one word each of the theme (this is the creative way to do this one since we're aiming to finish in 2 months), or if you're really ambitious do a spell-it-out challenge. keep in mind you can use one book to fill more than one of items to make this a little easier to do within our allotted time frame.

The second item on your agenda is to pick your color scheme.

 - For this read one or more books with the colors in the title or one or more books that correspond to the colors in your scheme or do a spell-it-out of your colors.

Example of a spell-it-out:
R: Radiant Shadows by Melissa Marr (Title)
E: Edward from Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (Character's Name)
D: Cat with an Emerald Eye - Carole Nelson Douglas (Author's Last Name)

Thirdly, select a keepsake. Mine was a glass that had the year and theme printed on it. (This one is optional)

- Read a book with a picture of it on the cover or in the title.

The fourth item on the agenda is to pick the oh so important outfit.

- You may pick one or more books that have a 'to die for' dress/suit you fell in love with on the cover, or the title has a dress/outfit in the title (example Lady in the red dress) or do a spell-it-out challenge using the color of your dress, name of the character you choose, etc.

The fifth item on the agenda to do is find/pick your date. If you hate committing to just one individual, then feel free to fill up your dance card with those individuals you'd like to dance with:

- Read 1 or more books which include your favorite romance hero(es)/heroine(s) or do an optional spell-it-out with the characters name first, last, or full.

The sixth item on the agenda is to pick your mode of transportation

- Read 1 or more books which contain some means of transportation on the cover on in the book that you'd like to take to the ball. You may, if you like, do a spell-it-out challenge.

The seventh item on the agenda is to pick what music you'd like to dance to or what dance you'd like to partake in. You could pick something current, retro, classical, etc This prom is your baby so you get to pick.

- You may choose one or more books with couple dancing on the cover, have dancing or a masquerade ball in the book, or opt to do our ever popular spell-it-out challenge of your favorite song or dance.

The eighth item on the agenda is to pick an entree or restaurant, if you are to nervous to eat in front of others, you may choose an hor'dearve.

- You may choose one or more books with a restaurant, feast, dinner item, or food item on the cover (pizza, chicken kiev, ham, etc), books with sit down dinners, or do a spell-it-out challenge of your favorite food entree.

Lastly, tell us how your date ended.
- Read a book that contains your happy ending (perhaps a kiss or becoming prom queen/king) on the cover or in the story. Be creative and have fun and remember to keep it reasonably clean.

(FYI, I am one of the moderators of the Nothing but Reading Challenges online book club on Goodreads and I created this challenge for my Goodreads group. The funnest way to do this challenge is on Goodreads where you can see what other people are choosing and you can post pictures of the covers of the books you choose. I originally created this challenge to run from April through May, but forgot to post it here, so feel free to do it for the 2 consecutive months from when you start. The real idea is to just have fun and read. Here is the link to the challenge on Goodreads:

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