Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Musings - Venus Transit

On June 5th, around sunset for those of us in the US, a rare celestial occurrence will take place. One much rarer than a blue moon. For the second time in 129 years, Venus will come between the sun and the earth causing a small black dot, or silhouette of itself, to appear against the back drop of the bright sun. It only happens twice a century and with approximately 8 years span between the first and second sightings in each century; it already occurred once this century in 2004. The first recorded occurrence took place in 1631 and another won't take place again until December of 2117.

Now I know what your thinking...."Um, Lisarenee, it sounds like geek speak to me. Why are you telling us about this and how is this related to any books?", but hear me out. Venus is the Roman goddess of love and Cupid is her son. With all the myths associated with the moon, stars, etc doesn't this sound like the perfect opportunity for an author to make up their own myth or story about it? Perhaps more people are allowed to find their soul mates during the Venus Transit? Perhaps people get more frisky because Cupid's powers are more intense during that eight year period? Maybe if a couple first kisses when the Venus Transit occurs they are destined to be in love forever?  Maybe if you're born during a transit you are found irresistible to the opposite sex? The possibilities are endless. If you ask me, however, on June 5th love will be in the air quite literally for all to see.

If you'd like to learn more about the Venus Transit check out this article by Chuck Bueter. He even included a classroom activity which teachers can use.

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