Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Free Today and Tomorrow THE MARRIAGE PRICE by ALMA KATSU

"THE MARRIAGE PRICE", a Taker story, is FREE on Kindle August 7th & 8th. The story takes place in the days prior to Jonathan's marriage to his child bride Evangeline, and is told through Evangeline's eyes. FYI, this one is intended for mature audiences and is only 13 pages in length.


In this short story from THE TAKER saga, Evangeline McDougal is the luckiest girl in St. Andrew, Maine. She’s to wed Jonathan St. Andrew, eldest son of the town’s founder and heir to the timber business that has made the St. Andrews one of the wealthiest families in the state.

Nor does it hurt that her bridegroom is so very handsome. Irresistible, in fact. And when rumors fly about her husband-to-be and several of the other girls in town... What is Evangeline to think? There is a price to pay for her marriage to Jonathan, but surely it is worth the cost.

Isn’t it?

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