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Giveaway and Q & A - Blame It On Texas by Christie Craig

Meet Christie Craig

New York Times bestselling author Christie Craig grew up in Alabama where she caught lightning bugs, ran barefoot, and regularly rescued potential princes, in the form of bullfrogs, from her brothers. Today, she's still fascinated with lightning bugs and mostly wears shoes, but focuses on rescuing mammals and hasn't kissed a frog in years. She now lives in Texas with her four rescued cats, one dog--who has a bad habit of eating furniture--a son, and a prince of a husband who swears he's not, and never was a frog.

If Christie isn't writing, she's reading or just enjoying laughter with her friends and family. As a freelance writer, Christie also writes nonfiction books, including the humorous self-help/book Wild, Wicked & Wanton: 101 Ways to Love Like You're in a Romance Novel, as well as paranormal young adult romances under the pen name C.C. Hunter.

 Q&A with Christie Craig

Lisarenee:   Thank you so much for joining us today, Christie. I love the humor in your books. Do you enjoy writing all those fun and hilarious scenes as much as we do reading them?

CC: First, thanks so much for having me here at your Seduced by a Book blog. Bloggers are the greatest. Now to answer your question . . .

Honestly, if I had a dollar for every time I’m busy in my office and my hubby calls out from the kitchen, “What’s so funny?” I’d be a rich woman. Here's the thing, though. I love to laugh. Laughter is a constant in the Craig household. I come from a family of jokesters and storytellers. We laughed when things were good, and we laughed even harder when times were stressful. And I’ve carried on that tradition in my own family. What's more, I’ve given this trait to all my characters. Laughter is healthy, it’s my coping mechanism. And I personally believe that falling in love should be fun. Yes, I might keep a reader on the edge of their seat, toss in a little murder, and all my characters have a ton of baggage to deal with, but they all know how to laugh through the tough times.

Lisarenee: I imagine writing a story is a little like baring your soul to others. It's like giving your readers a front row seat to yourself--your humor, your wit, etc. Have you ever second guessed something you've put in a novel or been nervous about how something will be received?

CC: I’ve often compared writing to standing naked in front of a crowd. Maybe it's not this way with all writers, but for me, all my best kept secrets are exposed in my books. From what I find seductive in a man to my morals. To the food I love, to the kind of off-colored jokes I find funny, and to how I might kill someone if I really decide to go there. Sure, it’s fiction, but when something is pulled from a person’s imagination, you can bet there are some elements of truth in it. And yes, for some authors those truths are not so evident in their personality. I was once told by an Australian bookseller that she is often disappointed with she meets authors, because, by reading an author’s work, she begins to picture that author’s personality. Then when she meets them, some don’t fit the bookseller’s personal image of them. However, she told me I didn’t disappoint her. I was just exactly what she thought I was. And considering the crazy things I write about—like dead guys in porta potties, dogs that pass gas, characters playing strip scrabble—I thought that was pretty darn scary. LOL.

Lisarenee: What is your favorite part of writing a book? Is it completing it and letting it go, coming up with the idea and seeing it make its way to print, or something else entirely?

CC: My favorite part of writing is getting that first draft down on paper, not worrying about spelling or grammar. When the story seems to flow from my fingertips and I’m in that creative zone where the ideas, the funny dialogue just start spilling out of me, it's like magic. It's the greatest feeling in the world, too. I guess you say that my favorite part is the storytelling.

Lisarenee: What is the hardest thing about being a writer? Is it deadlines, negative reviews, keeping your stories 'fresh' and fun, etc or does it come easily to you?

CC: Now, deadlines can be stressful. But I can usually deal with those. Negative reviews? I can’t lie; in the beginning of my career, they stung. But I have since learned that reading is selective. It’s sort of like ice cream. Some people only love vanilla, and wouldn’t think about touching a banana sundae flavor. Not everyone will enjoy my flavor of books and that’s okay. But, the hardest part about being a writer, for me? Well, if storytelling is my favorite part, the hardest thing would be polishing the story. Getting those words perfect is like pulling teeth without the laughing gas. I’m dyslexic, and writing perfect copy is hard. I leave out words, get words backwards. I know how to spell for the most part, but when I write, I sometimes use the wrong word, like "right" for "write." Or I will leave out one letter in the word and I just can’t see those mistakes when I proofread my work. I have critique partners who help me. But sometimes I’ll tweak a manuscript and send it in without having them look at my last minute tweaks. And I have gotten in trouble. Before I was published, I entered contest and in one of those I had written a perfectly good sentence. He looked down at his bloody shirt. My hero, a cop on the run, had been shot and beat up and was hiding behind a shed at my heroine’s house. And he’d been there for several hours. The mistake I made was to leave out one letter. The "r" out of shirt. Let’s just say the comments were very interesting from the judges. i.e. So he had internal injuries, too, huh? LOL.

Lisarenee: One of the things I noticed on your website that surprised me was to learn you have dyslexia. I tried to access the link to the video on your website, but it didn't work. What would your advice be to anyone who would like to attempt a career as an author who might be dyslexic or have a similar condition that might hamper their writing? My daughter has an auditory processing disorder and I am always trying to find new ways of encouraging her that she can overcome anything associated with it. I usually tell her that she may never be a spelling bee champion, but she shouldn't let that keep her from writing.

CC: Sorry the link isn’t working. I need to take that off. It was supposed to be up forever and the paper changed their mind and I can’t get them to respond to me about getting a copy. Please tell your daughter and anyone out there to not let their disabilities hinder them from doing whatever they want. Does it mean it will be harder? Probably. But it didn’t stop me and it shouldn’t stop anyone. I seriously believe that I didn’t achieve my success in spite of the dyslexia, but in large part, I achieved success because of it. Most dyslexics are very intuitive and I believe this helped me write emotional characters. I think a person with disabilities can sometimes have gifts. She might be very creative, or have a real knack at writing emotions. She doesn’t have to spell to be a writer!!! Storytelling is so much more important. She can get help proofing her stories. If she’s a gifted storyteller, she can help other writers with the art of storytelling and plotting and they can help her with her typos and misspellings. Never, ever give up. It was my motto, it wasn’t always easy, but it was so worth it. I recently hit the New York Times and the USA Today best-sellers lists—not bad for girl who can’t spell "shirt." LOL.

Thanks again for inviting me here to your blog. If your readers want to know more about me and my books, they can find information at my website, For a little taste of my Hotter in Texas series, watch the video below. I hope you enjoy!


Lisarenee: Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to join us. 

Blame It On Texas
by Christie Craig
Book Synopsis:
Zoe Adams has always been content with her quiet nights at home, watching TV alone-until her life turns into a real-life episode of Unsolved Mystery Hunters. The story of a kidnapped girl triggers unexplained memories, and Zoe is dead-set on figuring out why. Her search leads her to one of the Lone Star State's richest families-and to sexy PI Tyler Lopez.

Tyler has sworn off women, especially redheads with killer curves who poke their noses into his clients' private lives. Still, he can't deny the attraction any more than he can deny that some of Zoe's crazy story makes sense. But when she becomes a hit man's target, this cold case starts heating up. Suddenly, Tyler will do anything to protect Zoe-even risk his heart.

I am giving away 3 copies of 'Blame It On Texas' by Christie Craig (One per winner/per household)

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  1. Thanks so much for the interview!! You had some great questions!!


    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Christie. You're one of my favorite authors to interview and I love that you stop by the blogs and chat up the members. It makes these events so much more fun.

      For anyone interested, Christie's book 'Shut Up and Kiss Me' is currently free for the Nook and Kindle in the US. I just downloaded it and will need to find time to read it.:)

  2. I loved the first book in this series and can't wait to check this one out. I have a question regarding another series for Christie. Are there more coming from the Precious, Texas?

    1. Sarah,

      My goal is to write Jose and Lucas's story soon. I had planned to those books rights after Shut Up and Kiss Me, but my agent sold me to another publishing house and they wanted a new series...Hence, the Hotter in Texas series. But my goal is to write those books as soon as I'm finished with the Hotter in Texas series. I love writing Shut Up, it had that little element of magic to it. And I think poor Lucas and, especially Jose deserve their own story.



  3. Hi Christie, congrats on your new release! I have read your first book in this series, so I can't wait to read this one. I love your books and have read most on them I think. What can I say I love a good laugh and you sure get them in your books. Thanks for sharing with us today.

    1. Sorry I forgot to leave my email. Its lead AT hotsheet DOT com

  4. Thanks for the opportunity for a giveaway. Do you use real life situations from family or friends and put them in books? Have you ever put something that has happened to you into one of your books?

    1. Amy,
      I use them all the time. If I had a dollar everytime my hubby read my work and said..."Wait, you wrote about that!" LOL. If you read Shut up and Kiss me, you know when Jose put his head thought the sheetrock? Well, hubby did that. After we knew he was okay...we laughed our butts off at him.

      Thanks for stopping in.


  5. Congrats on the new release. Do you have any input on the book covers? This book sounds fantastic. Can't wait to read it. Thanks for the great interview.


  6. Joanne,

    Grand Central asked me for suggestions and I sent them a bunch of covers that I liked. After that we authors really don't have much say. But I was very happy with the covers. I felt they captured the tone of my books very well.

  7. Christie's book look like so much fun & they take place in Texas!
    sallans d at yahoo dot com

  8. Great interview. I got your book 'Don't Mess With Texas' and I'm getting ready to read. Your books sound great! Thanks for the giveaway!



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