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Early Review of Ripe for Seduction (The League of Second Sons, 3) by Isobel Carr

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Notes: I read the ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) and will need to check my quotes against the finished version.

The League of Seconds Sons was created to be a support group for those who were of noble birth, but not the heirs of their fathers titles or fortunes. It's original charter clearly stated, "All Members to Swear to Aid their Fellows in their Endeavors, Accompany them on their Quests, and Promote their Causes where they be Just."

So, why, Roland Devere wondered, hadn't they stopped him from writing the most damning of all letters to Lady Olivia Carlow and sending it???

'Livy smoothed the letter on the table and read it over again, sucking the marrow out of every word. Devere's penmanship was atrocious. His quill had stuttered and splattered ink across one corner of the letter. There was a dark ring where a glass of wine had been set down on the sheet of foolscap, making several words run and blur, but his offer--and the insult therein--was unmistakable.

Devere was offering himself as the sacrificial lamb for the pyre of her marriage. Every widow must start somewhere, and he thought perhaps, she would like to start with him. Arrogant bastard...If only she were a widow. Widows were given a great deal of leeway in their behavior. Such an offer might even have been tempting if she were. Roland Devere, dark as a gypsy , handsome as a fallen angel, would have been a very good start for a widow in need of entertainment...

She swallowed and took another bite, letting the heat of the ginger linger on her tongue. Roland Devere was a pompous *ss, and he deserved to be punished. No, not just punished. He deserved to be tortured over an extended period of time for his presumption, and he should serve a higher purpose as added penance.

Livy smiled and slipped the letter into her pocket. Not only should Devere do penance, he should serve as a warning to others, and she knew exactly how to go about making him of use.'

They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and while Livy may be ripe for seduction, she'll make sure she gets the respect she deserves. Roland Devere, has no idea what is coming his way, but he is oh so about to. *grin*

This is the third book in The League of Second Sons series. I read the first book and own the second but haven't yet read it. You could read this book prior to the other two, but you'll be wondering what exactly happened to Livy's first husband. Ripe for Scandal holds the story behind his death so you may wish to read that book first.

Livy has been through a lot. She found out her first marriage was a sham. Her husband, if she can even call him that, had already been married when he married her. No one knew, or if they did, they hadn't said anything prior to her marriage. Somehow she found out, but before the man could fully face the brunt of his actions and get the public thrashing he deserved, he died. The ton, however, would not be denied their due, and so Livy has received the fall out from the scandal. What I liked about Livy is she didn't sit back and just accept the ridicule. She attempted to defy it and instead of ignoring Roland's slight, she used it to her advantage.

The chemistry between Livy and Roland was one of the things I liked best about the book. It sizzled and permeated the pages of the story almost from the very beginning. What started as a mere attraction, slowly started to grow into something more. At first, Roland saw her as a prize to be won. He and his friend Thane had even placed bets as to who could bed her first. Yes, the wager had been set on the same night the scandalous letter had been sent. Slowly, however, he starts seeing Livy as she truly is and finds he likes what he sees. The big question is, can Livy ever fully trust the man who made such an outrageous bet at her expense? Can she ever truly be sure of his motives?

While the one relationship snap, crackles and sizzles into place, a secondary relationship emerges between Livy's dad, Phillip, and Roland's sister, Margo. Margo has been recently widowed. Her first marriage had in no way been ideal as her husband was a man whose vocabulary didn't include the word fidelity. Margo, however, delved into her husband's lifestyle and likewise had many affairs. She not the type to let disappointment get her down and would flourish in any environment. Phillip, however, needs to proceed cautiously with her because the marriage left her believing she could never have a monogamous relationship with someone. She even uses her past to try to scare the straight laced man away. I believe she was trying to protect her heart from ever letting someone get close enough to hurt her again. It was fun seeing Phillip get under her skin and convince her she was wrong.

Overall, I gave this one 4 out of 5 roses. This was such a fun read. We didn't just get one romance, but two and I loved both of them. I adored the way Livy got Roland to do her bidding. It made me laugh and gave us our first hint that there might be some redeeming qualities about him. Additionally, I liked how Livy managed to reestablish her place in society and, of course, the happy ending which Livy so deserved.  On the Lisarenee Romance Rating Scale, his one gets a STEAM rating--too hot for a fan, but you still have a handle on things. You should use extreme caution when reading a book with this rating in public. People may inquire as to why you looked flustered and flushed.


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