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Early Review of Scent of Magic (Healer #2) by Maria V. Snyder

  • Title: Scent of Magic
  • Classification: Young Adult
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Format: Paperback, 416 pages
  • Publisher: Harlequin MIRA; Original edition (December 18, 2012)
  • ISBN-10: 0778314189
  • ISBN-13: 978-0778314189
Author's Website:

Nearly six years ago two-thirds of the Fifteen Realms' population succumbed to a plague. The Kingdoms were ravaged. Tohon saw the devastation as the perfect opportunity to swoop in and pick up the pieces to form one united kingdom. On the surface, it would was a good plan, but Tohon was not the ruler who would make things better. So a fight for the Fifteen Realms ensued. Tohon with his army of undead soldiers has the upper hand as many don't believe anyone could create such abominations let alone that they could actually exist. But believers they soon shall be as he and his army slowly and surely seize control over more and more territory.

After Avry's death and resurrection experience, she and Kerrick decided to take a little time for themselves, but now they've decided to split up. He is heading to Ivdel to meet up with Prince Ryne and gather reinforcements. Then he'll get the children, Danny and Zilla, out of harms way. Meanwhile, Avry with the help of 'Mom' from the Lamp Post Inn, dons a disguise so she can infiltrate Estrid's camp. As everyone believes she is dead, she hopes no one will figure out it's her. She'll use the skills she's acquired from Kerrick to try to teach the soldiers what they need to know in order to have a fighting chance at surviving and defeating the undead. It will also give her the perfect means to speak with her sister, Noelle, so she can once again attempt to make amends. Additionally, she still needs to figure out how the peace lily saved her life and how that information can be used.

This is the sequel to Touch of Power and it begins a week after Touch of Power ends. If you haven't read the first in the series, I highly recommend that you do or you may have a hard time getting into this one. So much went on within the first book that I don't think there would be a way to capture it all within a few paragraphs. Some characters, like Tohon and Kerrick, have background stories with a shared history that explain some of their behavior in this book.

In Scent of Magic, Avry infiltrates Estrid's holy army undercover. She could have announced who she was and have been welcomed with open arms, but she doesn't want a lot of people knowing she's alive.   She has even made Kerrick promise not to tell Belen, Quain or Loren. If Toron finds out she is alive he'll come after her and that is not something she wants. Disguised and using her mother's first name she manages to finagle herself a letter of introduction which allows her to enter Estrid's army at a higher rank. While Avry had promised Estrid she'd help heal her wounded,  she feels she'd be better off teaching them how to defend themselves against Tohon's army. Especially since they're under the assumption that the rumors of an undead army are false and being spread to illicit fear among the troops. Some things truly do need to be seen in order to be believed. Slowly, she'll attempt to work her way into the trust of Estrid's lieutenants and help them prepare for the upcoming battle.

Kerrick has trials and obstacles of his own to overcome, as well. While people may believe Avry to be dead, he still has a target on his back. He fears being ambushed by Tohon's men. Additionally, there is always the possibility of meeting up with an unknown enemy. Mercs and gangs still roam about and desperate times make some people even more dangerous.

Why is the book called Scent of Magic? Well, I have three possibilities. First, there is a Magic Sniffer in this book. If you recall from Touch of Power a magic sniffer can smell the magic on a person and determine what kind of magic a person has. In this book, someone realizes Avry is a healer because of her scent. A second possibility is that since Avry was saved by a Peace Lily her scent has changed. So I'm curious if perhaps in the future we'll find out she might have some new abilities or if it truly is an insignificant side effect. One thing is for sure, in books little things mean a lot. The final possibility is that there seems to be something magical in regards to the Lilies and they also give off a distinct odors depending on if they are a Peace or Death Lily. So I'm curious if that perhaps contributed to the title's name, but I'm not a hundred percent sure about any of the possibilities.

Overall, I gave this one 4 out of 5 roses. Plenty of action, drama, betrayal, and twists in this one. Some things I saw coming, while others took me by surprise. I wish there had been more together time between Kerrick and Avry, but I liked the fact they didn't become codependent upon one another. I loved how Avry managed to use her cunning and wits to get out of some tricky spots. I also liked how we got to know Danny a little bit better. If you liked Touch of Power, you'll definitely want to read this one, but beware there is a cliffhanger at the end.

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  1. Great review, I still have to read book one of the series but it both sound like great reads and the covers for both books are gorgeous.
    -Kimberly @ Turning the Pages


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