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Early Review of Chosen at Nightfall (Shadow Falls #5) by C.C. Hunter

Title: Chosen at Nightfall (Shadow Falls Novel)
Classification: Young Adult (12+)
Format: Paperback: 416 pages
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin (April 23, 2013)
ISBN-10: 1250012899
ISBN-13: 978-1250012890
Author Website:
Notes: I read the ARC and quotes will need to be verified against the final copy. I am a member of Ms. Hunter's street team.

Kylie Galen ran away from all that she knew. When her grandfather offered her a place with him and the other chameleon's, she took it, grasping the offer like it was a lifeline. But two weeks after leaving Shadow Falls, she began to realize you can't out run life, heartbreak, sorrow, or your fate. You may be able to escape it temporarily, but in the end, they have a tendency to follow you wherever you go. While she loves being with other chameleons and getting to know her grandfather, she knows she's put off the inevitable for long enough.

Once again a ghost is haunting Kylie. This on comes bearing an ominous message:

"You kill or be killed."

But this ghost is different from the other ghosts she's dealt with because it offers her something the others never have...

"Stop fighting your fate. Accept what you must do. Let me teach you."

Kylie will face the biggest challenge of her life and will discover she's more than she or anyone else ever imagined. She's about to find out her true calling. 


This is the fifth and, sadly, final book of the Shadow Falls series. *sniff* We've watched Kylie grow over the last year or so and come into her own. She's learned she isn't your typical teenager and discovered she's a chameleon. She also found out she's a protector, but can't use those powers to save herself. Kylie's self discoveries, however, aren't over by a long shot. She's about to meet her true destiny face on.

In Whispers at Moonrise, Kylie witnessed her boyfriend become engaged to another girl, and then proceed to kiss his new fiance to the cheers of his friends and family. Needless to say, Kylie wasn't among those cheering. Devastated, she ran straight into the arms of her grandfather and left Shadow Falls behind. Now she's ready to face reality and to sort out the mess that is her life. As Kylie states, "And that seems to be the theme song of my life right now. Not a damn thing makes sense."

In Chosen at Nightfall, Kylie finally meets her father's adopted parents. She'll finally choose between Derek and Lucas. She'll find out her final destiny and discover she has been chosen for something very special. In the midst of all that, she'll be threatened by Mario...

"You will come to me, Kylie Galen, come to me willing to die, to suffer at my hands for my pleasure, because the price will be too great! Your weakness will take you down."

With the ghost Kylie still has not yet figured out her connection to, she'll learn to kick some butt. Plus, she'll have to decide whether she will kill or be killed. For that is the something only she can determine. Her fate, is in her own hands.

Overall, I gave this one 4 1/2 roses. One of the more satisfying endings to a series I've read in a long time. Lose ends are nicely tied in a bow with enough wiggle room that if Ms. Hunter wishes, she can still continue on the series in the future. That is if her fans can convince her. (Hint, hint.) If you don't read a series until the last book comes out, now is the time to take action. lol A truly wonderful series filled with action, suspense, drama, humor and easily identifiable characters. About growing up, fitting in, and realizing your own self worth. 

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