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Unveiling the Covers

So cover reveals appear to be quite popular so I figured I'd throw my hat in the ring and divulge upcoming book covers as I find them. Some are beautiful and some make you smile. So if you haven't yet seen them here are some of the covers you have to look forward to:

I am a huge Nalini Singh fan and these two covers bring home the fact that sometimes I wish we could choose which covers we want. Both are gorgeous. The above left hand cover is the UK version of Heart of Obsidian while the one on the right is the US version. Yes, they're being secretive as to who will be the hero of the book. I think I like the US one better. I like the Solitary figure walking alone and ready to take on whatever lies ahead of him. Does the rain represent sadness or doom and the sun peeking out a ray of hope? Drats! Can June come a little sooner? I need a Psy-Changeling fix. *sniff* This is a series I HIGHLY recommend. If you haven't read it, you don't know what you're missing.
 Heart of Obsidian is due out on June 4th

Book Synopsis:

A dangerous, volatile rebel, hands stained bloodred.

A woman whose very existence has been erased.

A love story so dark, it may shatter the world itself.

A deadly price that must be paid.

The day of reckoning is here.

 photo rose-gltr_zpsf72211c1.gif

Another book by another of my favorite authors and the first book of a new series. Yay! I like this cover, but that is a very interesting pose, don't you think? Dagger at the ready and in a suggestive pose. he hungry for something???...Maybe...YOU? lol I can't wait to see what Larissa has come up with for this series, but I'm betting it's going to be good so I can't wait to sink my teeth into it. *smirk* 
Bound by Night is set to hit the shelves on September 24th. 

Book Synopsis:

The first installment in a sexy new paranormal romance series by Larissa Ione, author of the bestselling Demonica series!

Nicole Martin was only eight years old when she narrowly survived a massacre: her family’s vampire slaves rebelled and killed everyone in her household. Twenty years later, Nicole now dedicates herself to finding a vaccine against vampirism…and eradicating the gruesome memories that give her nightmares.

Riker, a member of the wild vampire Moon Clan, is haunted by his own demons—his wife Lorraine had been captured and enslaved by the Martin family. It was during a botched escape attempt that she was killed, along with their unborn child. Still wracked with grief and anger, Riker is now fueled solely by the desire to rescue vampire slaves…and slaughter their owners.

When Riker stumbles upon Nicole in a chance meeting, he immediately recognizes her as a member of the Martin family that once enslaved his wife—and she recognizes him as the wild vampire she saw kissing a pregnant slave in the moments before her violent death—an image that has haunted her dreams for years.

When Riker kidnaps Nicole and they spend a night together in a cave on the way back to his clan, suddenly they begin to realize that they aren’t as different from one another as they may have thought—and they’re finding themselves drawn to one another…

 photo rose-gltr_zpsf72211c1.gif

This is a fun and humorous series. I love the cover. But wait...that's not Marc's Tattoo... Seriously Petra you really need to choose. I'm sure we can find someone to ease the pain of whoever you let go. Any volunteers?
Immortally Ever After is slated to hit bookstores August 27th.

Book Synopsis:


The hard-won cease-fire between the battling immortals doesn’t last long. In the blink of an eye, human surgeon Dr. Petra Robichaud is back on the frontlines, and starring in yet another of the oracle’s prophesies. As the only healer who can talk to the dead, Petra doesn’t have much choice about her role—even when her breathtaking ex-lover shows up at exactly the wrong time…


Petra may have moved on when Commander Galen left her, but she never forgot him—and the passionate moments they shared. Seeing him again is a distraction she really doesn’t need with both armies honing new weapons, and wounded all over her M*A*S*H unit. But how can she resist him? It’s now or never for the demi-god Galen to become Petra’s mate…but with the fate of humanity at stake, will their desire be worth the cost?

 photo rose-gltr_zpsf72211c1.gif

This one has an interesting series name--The Asylum Tales which is conveniently tattooed on the guy's back. Is it wrong to want this book because of the cover? Well, if wanting it is wrong, I don't wanna be right. *smirk* Actually, I read a novella from this series and liked it so I guess I'm not too bad. Plus, J R Ward likes the series too. If that doesn't make you want to read it will telling you the main guy in the series, Gage, reminded me a little of Harry Dresden of the Dresden Files fame?  
Dead Man's Deal debuts May 7th.

Book Synopsis:

The dark and dangerous follow-up that continues the adventures of a magical tattoo artist begun in Angel's Ink

In a world where elves, faeries, trolls, werewolves, and vampires swim free in a sea of humanity, sometimes you need an edge. Looking for a little love? Need some luck? Desperate for revenge? Gage can give you what you need. The most talented tattoo artist in town, he knows the right symbol and the right mix of ingredients and ink to achieve your heart's desire. One tattoo is all it takes. But remember, everything has its price. . . . 

Gage learned that lesson long ago, in ways he'd rather not remember. But the cruel and powerful wizards in the dreaded Ivory Towers he escaped aren't about to let him forget. Though Gage has managed to stay out of sight, he can't outrun the past forever.

The wizards know Gage is using forbidden magic, and they intend to punish him for his transgressions. Too bad if innocent humans and monsters-entire cities-get in the way. They will quell a nascent magical uprising and Gage will be the sacrifice they need. First, though, they have to find him . . .

 photo rose-gltr_zpsf72211c1.gif

Another great series. I'm not sure I like this cover overly much. It's not bad and I like the necklace, but where is Charley? Is this symbolic of a bad omen? I wish they hadn't left Charley off the cover. I kind of miss her. Plus, it's less gritty without her on it. I hope this isn't the final version.
Fifth Grave Past the Light is slated to make it's way to book stores near you on July 9th.

Book Synopsis:

Charley Davidson may not look like your everyday, run-of-the-mill grim reaper, but she has vowed to reap grimness wherever she goes despite this unfortunate fact. Sadly, she gets sidetracked when the sexy, sultry son of Satan, Reyes Farrow, moves in next door. As he is the main suspect in her arson case, she has vowed to stay away from him until she can find out the truth. 

However, when dead women start appearing in her apartment - lost, confused and terrified beyond reason - Charley has no choice but to ask for Reyes's help, especially when it becomes apparent that her own sister Gemma is the serial killer's next target. With his ability to observe incorporeally, surely he can find out who's responsible. And even if he can't, he is the one man alive who could protect Gemma no matter who or what came at her. But he wants something in return: Charley. All of her - body and soul. And to keep her sister safe, it is a price she might be willing to pay...

 photo rose-gltr_zpsf72211c1.gif

A little different from her other League covers, but I like it. It's much better than some of Ms. Kenyon's other covers which just contain the symbols for her shape shifters. Yet another cover with rain in the background. Does this one represent tears or sorrow? Hmmm...
Cloak & Silence is due to hit bookstores May 1st.

Book Synopsis:

One of the fiercest soldiers the Phrixians have ever produced, Maris Sulle has been an outsider the whole of his life. He grew up with a secret that cost him everything- His birthright, his family and his military career. In all his life, he’s only had one love and he has sacrificed his own happiness to see his best friend reunited with the woman he loves. But now that his good deed is done, he feels lost and adrift. Even though they do their best to include him in their new family, he’s once again on the outside looking in.

Ture has spent his life hiding from everyone around him while trying desperately to fit in. His family, the world, you name it. Badly hurt by everyone he’s ever known, he trusts no one except his own best friend. And honestly, he can’t understand why he trusts her. Nor can he believe her when she describes a loyalty between friends the likes of which he’s never seen.

But when he is in his darkest hour, he’s saved by a hero he thought only existed in novels. A man who is every bit as scarred and mistrusting as he is. One who has no interest in being dragged into another relationship with anyone.

Having spent his life as a living study of doomed relationships, Maris is well aware of the courtship and fiasco that invariably follows. Still, there is something about Ture he can’t resist. Something that won’t let him walk away when he knows he should.

But when old enemies return to threaten them both, they either have to stand together or die alone.

 photo rose-gltr_zpsf72211c1.gif

 As I was saying about The League covers...Two covers, one book. Which do you like better? The one on the right is the wrong cover for me. It's listed up on Goodreads and it's not gritty or enticing at all. It's an interesting sword hilt, I'll give you that, but really doesn't make me want to reach out and grab it. The handle actually looks like it would be uncomfortable to grasp in one's hand. Now the cover on the left is the one that I like. It's more gritty and makes me want to read the book. Hey, I'm a sucker for a good looking cover. I hope the one on the left is the one that makes its way to the US. Which do you prefer?
Born of Fury is tentatively scheduled to be released November 1st.

Book Synopsis:

The war is on…
Counted among the fiercest Andarion warriors ever born, Hauk is one of the five founding members of the Sentella- an organization that has declared war on the League that rules the Ichidian universe with an iron fist and terrifies it with an army of well-trained assassins. Hauk’s enemies are legion, but he fears nothing and no one. He will do whatever it takes to survive and protect his Sentella brethren.

Sumi Antaxas is one of the best assassins the League has ever trained. In her world, failure is not an option and she has never met a target she couldn’t execute. So when she’s assigned Hauk, she believes it’ll be a quick and easy mission.

But nothing is ever as simple as it seems, and Hauk is far better...

 photo rose-gltr_zpsf72211c1.gif

Now this is a cover worthy of Ms. Kenyon's books. The eye in the sword is wickedly cool and that's the type of sword a girl can be proud of.  Did you read the book's tag line? "If dying is the cost of protecting those she loves...bring it." I need to read this series. Dang! When can I fit it in? 
Rise of the Gryphon is slated to make its way to a bookshelf near you on July 30th.

Book Synopsis:

An Alterant who fights trolls, demons, and other deadly creatures, Evalle is an outcast among the Beladors. But now she can change all that—and finally get answers about her origins. In her attempt to take down the Belador traitor and bring home a captured friend, she infiltrates the dangerous Medb coven where she discovers exactly what an Alterant really is—and the news is not good for the Beladors.

Meanwhile, Evalle’s best friends Tzader and Quinn face unthinkable choices, as relationships with the women they love grow twisted. Evalle’s relationship with the Skinwalker Storm becomes even more complicated when the witchdoctor he’s been hunting begins to stalk her. With death breathing down her neck, Evalle is forced to embrace her destiny . . . but at what price?

 photo rose-gltr_zpsf72211c1.gif

Speaking of final covers...Unchained originally had the cover posted on the left associated with it, but I noticed today a brand spanking new cover was up. Which do you prefer? I think the new one on the right is a little more gritty and the one on the left seems a tad bit more like a young adult book. I think I like the new one better considering this one is listed by some as New Adult and by others as Adult fiction. But it really doesn't tell us anything. Oh, and who knew J. Lynn is the pseudonym for Jennifer L. Armentrout? Well, the new cover makes sure we do. Smooth move. 
According to Goodreads, Unchained is set to be released September  17th.

Book Synopsis:

Between the pissed off creatures that want demon-hunter Lily Marks dead and the fallen angel who just...wants her, Lily is about ready to trade in forever for a comfy job in a cubicle farm.

The fact that she and Julian are civil to one another is enough to have her thrown out of the Sanctuary, but she can't shake her not-so-angelic stalker or how he brings her dangerously close to ecstasy.

Her forbidden relationship with Julian provides the perfect fuel for suspicion when a traitor is discovered to be working within the Sanctuary. Lily quickly finds herself hunted by well, everyone.

Her only hope is to discover the real traitor before she loses everything--and she'll need Julian's help. That is, if Julian is really there to help her...and not destroy her.

Yeah, being a Nephilim isn't everything it's cracked up to be.

 photo rose-gltr_zpsf72211c1.gif

I always wondered what the angel looked like. He looks like I imagined...both beautiful and terrifying all at the same time.
The Shadowhunter's Codex will be making its way to stores near you October 29th.

Book Synopsis:

With Valentine Morgenstern’s plan to disrupt the Shadowhunters’ world foiled, her mother awake from her coma, and her relationship with Jace Wayland finally getting off the ground, Clary Fray’s life has finally calmed down a little—just in time for her to begin training to fulfill her destiny and become a Shadowhunter, like her mother before her. She’ll immerse herself in their history, in their magic, in the Downworld of vampires and warlocks. She’ll learn to fight, to identify demons, to know the Shadowhunters’ places and territories like the back of her hand. And she’s racing to catch up with her fellow Shadowhunters, who have been doing this a lot longer than she has. Doesn’t mean she can’t have a little fun, of course…

The Shadowhunters’ Codex is intended as a guide for fans to the world of Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunters series, The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices. It provides a concordance to the many fantastical creatures, places, and things of the books, but also fleshes out the world of the Shadowhunters with new details, new monsters, new runes, new magic.

The Codex is the Codex itself, a textbook for new Shadowhunters, and also notes and art added in by Clary, commenting and updating things. (For one thing, the Codex’s official take on things is often not quite the same as what Clary knows to be true. The facts it claims about warlocks alone are outrageously incorrect!) It also contains many stories not yet touched upon in the Shadowhunter novels: the story of Jonathan Shadowhunter and how the Shadowhunters came to be, the creation of the Silent Brothers, the invention of parabatai and much more.

Unlike the Shadowhunters novels, but befitting an encyclopedia of their world, the Codex’s articles are illustrated by a number of great fantasy illustrators: Rebecca Guay, Charles Vess, Jim Nelson, Theo Black, John Dollar, Michael Kaluta, Elisabeth Alba, and Cassandra Jean. (From Cassandra Claire's website.)

 photo rose-gltr_zpsf72211c1.gif

I remember hearing about this duo teaming up, but hadn't heard anything since. It was like the book had no visibility. *Quirks one eyebrow* Kind of like the guy I almost didn't see in the background. As Sandra, one of my partners in crime over at Who's Your Author? pointed out, "They're certainly making sure the title isn't invisible." lol Yeah, next cover maybe make the title a tinsy bit smaller? *Whispers to publishers...Haven't you heard bigger isn't always better? Especially when it comes to the title. Not attractive.* 
Invisibility debuts out May 7th.

Book Synopsis:

Stephen has been invisible for practically his whole life — because of a curse his grandfather, a powerful cursecaster, bestowed on Stephen’s mother before Stephen was born. So when Elizabeth moves to Stephen’s NYC apartment building from Minnesota, no one is more surprised than he is that she can see him. A budding romance ensues, and when Stephen confides in Elizabeth about his predicament, the two of them decide to dive headfirst into the secret world of cursecasters and spellseekers to figure out a way to break the curse. But things don’t go as planned, especially when Stephen’s grandfather arrives in town, taking his anger out on everyone he sees. In the end, Elizabeth and Stephen must decide how big of a sacrifice they’re willing to make for Stephen to become visible — because the answer could mean the difference between life and death. At least for Elizabeth.

 photo rose-gltr_zpsf72211c1.gif

Stars seem to be big this year. Who doesn't like looking at them? They make some nice covers. I do like the gold and blue combination. See the little tag line on it? 'Family is forever. Especially when they're immortal'. Hmmm...sounds intriguing. 
The Chaos of Stars is set to be released September 10th.

Book Synopsis:

Isadora’s family is seriously screwed up.

Of course, as the human daughter of Egyptian gods, that pretty much comes with the territory. She’s also stuck with parents who barely notice her, and a house full of relatives who can’t be bothered to remember her name. After all, they are going to be around forever—and she’s a mere mortal.

Isadora’s sick of living a life where she’s only worthy of a passing glance, and when she has the chance to move to San Diego with her brother, she jumps on it. But Isadora’s quickly finding that a “normal” life comes with plenty of its own epic complications—and that there’s no such thing as a clean break when it comes to family. Much as she wants to leave her past behind, she can’t shake the ominous dreams that foretell destruction for her entire family. When it turns out there may be truth in her nightmares, Isadora has to decide whether she can abandon her divine heritage after all.

 photo rose-gltr_zpsf72211c1.gif

Seems a little different from some of the other Cassie Palmer covers, but I like it. Is that Las Vegas in the background? I wonder what stars have to do with this book? Is Cassie going to tempt fate? I guess we'll have to wait and see.
Tempt the Stars by Karen Chance is due out October 1st.

Book Synopsis:

Being a goddess is a lot less fun than you might think. Especially when you’re only a half goddess, and you only found out about it recently, and you still don’t know what you’re doing half the time. And when you’ve just used your not-so-reliable powers to burglarize the booby-trapped office of a vampire mob boss.

Yeah, that part sucks.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg for Cassandra Palmer, aka the Pythia, the freshly minted chief seer of the supernatural world. After all, Cassie still has to save a friend from a fate worse than death, deal with an increasingly possessive master vampire, and prevent a party of her own acolytes from unleashing a storm of fury upon the world. Totally just your average day at the office, right?

 photo rose-gltr_zpsf72211c1.gif

And even more stars and a Science Fiction book to boot. Hmmm...that is one beautiful dress and this cover makes me want to read the book even without immediately knowing what it's about. A true eye catcher.

These Broken Stars is set to be released November 5th.

Book Synopsis:

It's a night like any other on board the Icarus. Then, catastrophe strikes: the massive luxury spaceliner is yanked out of hyperspace and plummets into the nearest planet. Lilac LaRoux and Tarver Merendsen survive. And they seem to be alone. 

Lilac is the daughter of the richest man in the universe. Tarver comes from nothing, a young war hero who learned long ago that girls like Lilac are more trouble than they’re worth. But with only each other to rely on, Lilac and Tarver must work together, making a tortuous journey across the eerie, deserted terrain to seek help. 

Then, against all odds, Lilac and Tarver find a strange blessing in the tragedy that has thrown them into each other’s arms. Without the hope of a future together in their own world, they begin to wonder—would they be better off staying here forever?

Everything changes when they uncover the truth behind the chilling whispers that haunt their every step. Lilac and Tarver may find a way off this planet. But they won’t be the same people who landed on it.

The first in a sweeping science fiction trilogy, These Broken Stars is a timeless love story about hope and survival in the face of unthinkable odds.

 photo rose-gltr_zpsf72211c1.gif

This cover has an interesting pose on it. It's pretty, but the model's expression makes me think she's a tad bit annoyed with something or someone. It's the expression I'd expect to find on someone being fitted for a dress. I imagine her thinking, "How much longer before they finish with the stitching? Keeping my arms up like this is becoming rather tedious and uncomfortable. *sigh* Good help is sooo hard to find." lol  Perhaps because she's had two guys vying for her attention, however, she's thinking, "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful...and because I rejected you." Hmmm... I wonder...maybe she just uses Pantene? I dunno.
A Radiant Sky is set to hit bookshelves September 24th.

Book Synopsis:

Since the night of her seventeenth birthday, Skye has been torn between two opposites: Light and Dark, the Order and the Rebellion, Devin and Asher.

But her decision shocked both sides—because she chose neither.

With the help of her friends, Skye forges her own path, setting out to gather an uprising of Rogues. The treacherous and elusive half-angels may be the key to maintaining the balance of fate and free will. But completing the mission her parents left unfinished is more difficult—and dangerous—than she could have imagined. And doing so comes at a cost: Her greatest love may now be a lethal enemy. Because it’s not just the Order that sees her as a threat who must be eliminated. The Rebellion does, too.

And both sides will do whatever it takes to win.

Dark days lie ahead, and if Skye is to survive, she’ll need to rely on her extraordinary powers and the strength of her will. Because she has a future—and a love—that’s worth fighting for.

The sweeping, darkly romantic story that began with A Beautiful Dark and gathered intensity in A Fractured Light comes to a thrilling conclusion in A Radiant Sky.

 photo rose-gltr_zpsf72211c1.gif

Big girl panties? Seriously? The title alone makes me laugh. I just adore Ms. Evanovich's sense of humor and books. Not exactly the prettiest of covers, BUT it definitely makes me want to read the book. I love how you can read the journal entry. Sexy big girl panties???? *snort* This has got to be good. I gotta get me a pair. Okay just one, but it sounds more fun to say it that way. *grin* 
Big Girl Panties are expected to make their way to a shelf near you on July 9th. 

Book Synopsis:

They say that big girls don't cry. But when the chips are down and the dip is gone, what can you do? Pull up your BIG GIRL PANTIES and change your life.

Holly Brennan didn't expect to be a widow at thirty-two. She also didn't expect to be so big. Through her husband Bruce's diagnosis and death, food was the one thing she could always count on. Now, those extra pounds make flying coach more than a little mortifying-especially since she's sitting next to Adonis himself, aka Logan Montgomery, a personal trainer to the country's most famous pro athletes.

Though Holly doesn't make the grade on his first-impression meter, Logan finds himself intrigued by her sharp wit and keen insight-a welcome change from the beautiful bubble-headed dolls he usually dates-and impulsively offers to get her back in shape. Ready to make at least one positive change in her life, Holly agrees.

To Logan's (and her own) surprise, Holly turns out to be a natural in the gym. Throwing herself into exercise, the red head with the blazing wit and welcoming smile slims down into a bonafide looker with killer curves-and a new kind of hunger. Soon, the easy intimacy and playful banter of their training sessions lead Logan and Holly into the bedroom where they share their most intense and steamy workouts yet.

But can a man whose whole life depends on looks commit himself to a woman who doesn't fit his image? Now that Holly's turning other men's heads, does she even need Logan anymore? Are they a couple built to last . . . or is this sizzling affair going to burn out fast?

 photo rose-gltr_zpsf72211c1.gif

Hmmm...Once Upon a Tower. Could this be a Rapunzel fairy tale remake? Well, her hair's looking a little short but as she's looking down from what appears to be a window, I can't help but wonder what ever could be happening? How will she get her man up to the tower with her? Well, Wisteria is a rather strong vine so maybe the hair isn't necessary? I guess we'll have to wait and see?
Once Upon a Tower is due out May 28th

Book Synopsis:

Once upon a time…

A duke fell in love

Gowan Stoughton of Craigievar, Duke of Kinross, values order and self-control above all else. So when he meets a lady as serene as she is beautiful, he promptly asks for her hand in marriage.

With a lady

Edie—whose passionate temperament is the opposite of serene—had such a high fever at her own debut ball that she didn’t notice anyone, not even the notoriously elusive Duke of Kinross. When her father accepts his offer… she panics.

And when their marriage night isn’t all it could be, she pretends.

In a tower.

But Edie’s inability to hide her feelings makes pretending impossible, and when their marriage implodes, she retreats to a tower—locking Gowan out.

Now Gowan faces his greatest challenge. Neither commands nor reason work with his spirited young bride. How can he convince her to give him the keys to the tower…

When she already has the keys to his heart?

 photo rose-gltr_zpsf72211c1.gif

I love this cover. Mary has a mischievous look on her face like she's up to something and has an inside joke she'd like to share with us. After reading And Then She Fell I can't wait to read this one. I love the dress and the room in the background is a nice accent. 
The Taming of Ryder Cavanaugh is scheduled to hit bookshelves June 25th

Book Synopsis:

The 2nd in the Cynster Sisters duo, #1 New York Times bestselling author Stephanie Laurens thrills with this fantastic tale of a Cynster who'll stop at nothing for love. 

Lady Mary has been waiting years for this opportunity. Not that her sister has thrown off her spinster ways and become betrothed, it's finally Mary's chance for true love. She knows exactly who she wants --and it's not someone as wild, unmanageable, and sinfully seductive as Ryder Cavanaugh.

Ryder Cavanaugh, Marquess of Raventhorne, had never met a woman who wouldn't happily fall at his feet--or into his bed...until Lady Mary Cynster. But Ryder has made some decisiosn abotu his life and he'll only succeed at being the man he wants to be with Mary by his side. And convincing her of that fact is just the kind of challenge he thrills at.

 photo rose-gltr_zpsf72211c1.gif

I'm guessing the model who posed for this photo was attempting to blow a kiss, but the pose looks a little awkward because her lips aren't puckered up like they should be if she were in the midst of blowing a kiss in the direction of some young man. I love the dress and its color. The model reminds me a little of Melissa Gilbert. What do you think?
The Sum of All Kisses is set to hit stores on November 26th.
Book Synopsis:

Hugh Prentice has never had patience for dramatic females, and if Lady Sarah Pleinsworth has ever been acquainted with the words shy or retiring, she's long since tossed them out the window. Besides, a reckless duel has left this brilliant mathematician with a ruined leg, and now he could never court a woman like Sarah, much less dream of marrying her.

Sarah has never forgiven Hugh for the duel he fought that nearly destroyed her family. But even if she could find a way to forgive him, it wouldn't matter. She doesn't care that his leg is less than perfect, it's his personality she can't abide. But forced to spend a week in close company they discover that first impressions are not always reliable. And when one kiss leads to two, three, and four, the mathematician may lose count, and the lady may, for the first time, find herself speechless ...

New York Times bestselling author Julia Quinn's enchanting third novel in the Smythe-Smith quartet is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud and tug at your heartstrings in equal measures.

 photo rose-gltr_zpsf72211c1.gif

For some reason this cover makes me think the heroine is running away from something or someone. The expression on her face makes me thinks she's trying to gauge how much of an advantage she has over whoever is chasing her. Could she be playing hard to get? Only time will tell.
My Notorious Gentleman is scheduled to be published July 30th.

Book Synopsis:

Notorious and fearless, Lord Trevor Montgomery must confront his greatest challenge yet: marriage!

Shy, warm-hearted Miss Grace Kenwood knows she has no chance of tempting her new neighbor, Lord Trevor Montgomery. Every eligible beauty is swooning over the brooding former spy. Even though he once kissed her senseless, he can have no interest in someone like her. Yet somehow, the seductive rogue unleashes her own inner devil…

Every lady loves a hero, but Trevor has no interest in any of them— except for the refreshingly candid Grace. If he had a heart left, Grace might steal it. She insists he's better than he thinks. He's sure she's absolutely wrong. Until danger threatens, and Trevor rediscovers how easy it is to be a hero…for the right lady.

The sixth novel in a sumptuous romance series by New York Times bestselling author Gaelen Foley will make you blush with delight.

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