Monday, May 2, 2011

Answers to Questions from City of Fallen Angels - What exactly happened?

One of the things I always stress to people is that if you like a book make sure to find the author's website or blog and check it out. So if you've got some questions regarding Cassandra Clare's latest release, City of Fallen Angels, you'll want to check out her latest blog post. It reveals what exactly happened to allow Sebastion to control Jace. It tells you why she decided on a cliffhanger ending. It gives answers, although sometimes only in a teaser sort of way, to  22 questions her fans most wanted answered. So if your mind went into overdrive with questions upon reading her latest release, you'll want to check out this link:

Just remember there are huge spoilers in the post so do not read it until after you have finished reading City of Fallen Angels.

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