Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A new rating scale.

I've been contemplating changing my rating scale ever since I first started this blog. Today I shall start implementing my changes. From today forward all books will be graded with a rose rating system instead of a star rating system. I believe all authors who write a book and get it published, either through a publisher or by going the self-publishing route, deserve at least one rose. Hence, my lowest rating for a book from this point on will be one rose. If I encounter any problems with the story or wished the author had included something that they didn't I'll list it in the review and tell you how it affected my rating.Occasionally, I will be torn between two ratings. In such instances I will use a half rose to let you know. I feel a rose torn in half seems to represent my feelings on the rating rather nicely, as I'm torn between the two ratings.

One Rose

This rating does not mean an author can't write. It just means I personally didn't like the story. Remember  people's opinions differ and so do ratings. A good example would be Twilight by Stephanie Meyers. It is listed in both the best books ever and worst books ever categories on Goodreads. So please, don't be discouraged by a one rose rating. While I may have disliked it, others may love it. If I give a book a rating of one rose I will tell you what it was that made me do so. You can be the judge of whether or not you wish to read it based off my thoughts. By the way, I loved Twilight.

Two Roses 

This rating means I didn't dislike the story, but definitely didn't love it. It was just an okay read for me.

Three Roses

This rating means I liked the book and enjoyed reading it, but it wasn't quite up to the caliber of a four or five rose rating.

Four Roses

This rating means I REALLY enjoyed the book and would recommend it to my friends. If I was rich, I'd buy each of them a copy. There was just that little magically something that kept me from giving it a 5 rose rating.

Five Roses

This rating means I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the book and would HIGHLY recommend it to everyone and, if I was rich, I would buy a copy for everyone I encounter.


  1. I have the same rating scale, Lisarenee! But you explained it better. :) - niquae, at Goodreads


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