Saturday, March 17, 2012

Highlanders - What do they wear under those kilts?

I don't think most of us who read romance novels, or books in general, realize how much research goes into creating all the wonderful stories we read. If an author gets their facts wrong about a place or a time period they will hear about it. Occasionally, an author stumbles across some fun facts while doing all that research. Pamela Clare, author of the I-team series and, more appropriately for this post, the MacKinnon’s Rangers series stated in a recent blog post, "While doing research for 'Defiant', book three in my MacKinnon’s Rangers series, I came across this historic cartoon, a drawing someone made and published long ago, decrying women’s curiosity about what is under a Scotsman’s kilt." The said photo was listed in a blog post entitled, 'What is it about Scottish heroes?' To check out the cartoon and what she wrote check out this link:

Gwyn Cready's book 'A Novel Seduction'  included one of my favorite retorts to the age old question of what is worn under kilts:
     "Open bar," he said. "They just announced your company's picking up everything."
     "I can think of one thing I'd like them to pick up," she said, and leered at the hem of his kilt.
     "Ah, ah, ah." He waved a forbidding finger at her, and she gave him a big smile.
     Someone had set up a tip jar, and the woman pushed a bill toward it. "There's ten pounds in it for you if you tell me what's worn underneath."
     A white-haired gentleman sitting at the far end of the bar snorted, and Axel sighed, dropping the dirty pint glasses in the suds. "Nothings's worn, I assure you. It's all in perfect working order."

 Jill Salvis, however, recently blew the cover off this one in a very revealing way. Check out her blog post to see what I mean. I think we can all agree she found the answer. Take special note of the second piture:

But perhaps you'd be more convinced hearing for yourself from a well known celebrity who knows first hand the dangers of wearing a kilt--actor Gerard Butler:

Further proof, check out this Scottish barstool. I had to do a double take with this one:

P.S. In case you're wondering, GOT-KILT.COM is an actually website that sells kilts. Also, pictures/images were not taken or created by me, but I could not find who to credit for them.


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