Thursday, March 1, 2012

March's Rainbow Reading Challenge

I went to a PTA meeting for my kids and this challenge was inspired by the PTA president's speech where she assigned her PTA partners in crime colors of the rainbow for their personalities. I thought March would be the perfect time to run this challenge since rainbows are associated with Leprechauns whose pots of gold tend to be found at the end of one.

Colors and personalities:

“Color vibrations are a source of power, each one having a general as well as a specific function and purpose...Some people believe that each human being incarnates under a particular ray and is influenced by other subordinate rays, the focal point being an aura or radiation of light, that surrounds all creatures.”* Thus, every color of the rainbow, seven rays in all, can be attributed to someone's personality.

A RED personality is associated with those of an individual who is courageous, dynamic, and confident.

An ORANGE personality is associated with those who are creative.

A YELLOW personality is associated with those who are wise.

A GREEN personality is associated with those who are understanding, compassionate, generous, humble, and romantic.

A BLUE personality is associated with those who are truthful, loyal, and honest.

An INDIGO personality is associated with those who are intuitive.

A VIOLET personality is associated with those who are inspirational, kind and just.

For this challenge you may:
- Read the color that most describes you by either doing a Spell-it-out challenge (of the color or personality trait)

- Read books with that color or personality trait some how used in it. It could be a word contained in the title or a characteristic displayed by one of the characters. You decide.

- Read a book for every color of the rainbow (using the colors as your guide)


- 3 to 4 books.
Moderate - 5 to 7 books.
Difficult - Read 8+ books.

Example of a Spell-it-out challenge:

R - The Rancher and the Rock Star by Lizbeth Selvig (The, An, A, etc can be ignored in title in order to fit into this criteria)
E - Eden, Cynthia author of Deadly Fear
D - Daphney Bridgerton (character) from The Duke And I by Julia Quinn

To do this challenge with more people, visit my Goodreads group, Nothing but Reading Challenges. I also posted this challenge there.

* Information was found at:

Leprechaun/rainbow picture was found on Photobucket.

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