Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Love, Laughter and a Little Murder Limited Time Offer- Three books for $1.99

For a limited time, three great books for one low price!

To celebrate the release of her Shadow Falls Whispers at Moonrise, CC Hunter has a special offer for those CC Hunter readers who may not have read my romances. Or even for those who love her Christie Craig romances, but maybe haven't read them all. 

She's offering Love, Laughter and a Little Murder. That's 3 of her Christie Craig novels in a boxed set for Kindle or Nook for only $1.99! That's Murder, Mayhem and Mama, Weddings Can Be Murder and Gotcha! for only $1.99! If bought separately, they would cost $12.97.

Murder, Mayhem and Mama


Cali McKay's mama isn't ready to pass over to the "other side" yet. Her unlucky-in-love daughter needs her now more than ever. Before Mama can chain-smoke her way to heaven, she's gotta make sure Cali's ex deadbeat boyfriend doesn't get her daughter killed.


Cali lost her mom to cancer. Detective Brit Lowell, lost his partner to murder. Now he's in the mood to take down some dirtbags and Cali's ex just happens to be a dirtbag leaving a trail of dead bodies behind him. Can Brit trust this beautiful woman to help take down her ex? Can Cali look past this sexy cop's hard exterior to trust him with her heart? Can life get any crazier when Mama starts meddling from the grave? Only one thing is for sure--none of it will matter, unless they catch a killer before the killer catches them.

Weddings Can Be Murder

Till Deaths Do You Part...

Katie Ray was about to marry a man she didn't love -- and who didn't love her. Even losing her $8,000 engagement ring wasn't enough of a sign to call things off. What did it take? Being locked in the closet with a sexy PI, and being witness to murder.
...Or They Bring You Together

Carl Hades hardly wanted to be shackled with another man's soon-to-be-wife, especially when the gorgeous redhead stirred emotions he'd avoided for years. He'd been hired by an elite Houston wedding planner to investigate some missing brides. When those brides turned up dead, Carl saw where the whole situation was headed: just like Katie's wedding ring and her ceremony, right down the toilet. Because, while Katie was suddenly and delightfully available, he had a feeling she was next in line to die. And before he could ask her to say "I do," he had to know who would say "I did it."


Macy Tucker was five years old when her beloved grandfather dropped dead in his spaghetti. At twelve, her father left his family in the dust. At twenty-five, her husband gave his secretary a pre-Christmas bonus in bed, and Macy gave him the boot. To put things lightly, men have been undependable.

That's why dating's off the menu. Macy is focused on putting herself through law school -- which means being the delivery girl for Papa's Pizza. But cheesier than her job is her pie-eyed brother, who's just recently escaped from prison to protect his new girlfriend. And hotter than Texas toast is the investigating detective. Proud, sexy...inflexible, he's a a man who would kiss her just to shut her up. But Jake Baldwin's a protector as much as a dish. And when he gets his man -- or his woman-- Macy knows it's for life.

So, what are you waiting for? Only $1.99 will get you 3 books!

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