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The very talented C.C. Hunter talks about her new book Whispers at Moonrise. In stores today!

In stores today:

Whispers at Moonrise by C.C. Hunter
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The breathtaking fourth installment of the New York Times bestselling Shadow Falls series from author C. C. Hunter...Whispers at Moonrise.

Shadow Falls Camp is back in session with the most explosive installment yet. A shocking new threat will rock Shadow Falls—changing it forever and altering Kylie’s journey in ways she never imagined.

Even at a camp for supernatural teens, Kylie Galen has never been normal. Not only can she see ghosts, but she doesn’t seem to belong to any one species—she exhibits traits from them all. As Kylie struggles to unlock the secrets of her identity, she begins to worry that Lucas will never be able to accept her for what she is, and what she isn’t…a werewolf. With his pack standing in their way, Kylie finds herself turning more and more to Derek, the only person in her life who’s willing to accept the impossible.

As if life isn’t hard enough, she starts getting visits from the ghost of Holiday, her closest confidante. Trouble is, Holiday isn’t dead…not yet anyway. Now Kylie must race to save one of her own from an unseen danger before it’s too late—all while trying to stop her relationship with Lucas from slipping away forever. In a world of constant confusion, there’s only one thing Kylie knows for sure. Change is inevitable and all things must come to an end…maybe even her time at Shadow Falls.

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Ten Things You’ll Learn from Whispers at Moonrise 

1) Kicking your boyfriend’s father’s butt might not be good for the relationship.

2) Sometimes following your heart means breaking some rules.

3) Getting trapped in a grave with three dead girls is not a walk in the park.

4) Your parents breaking up sucks. Your mom having a boyfriend, and kissing him in front of you, sucks BIG TIME.

5) When your boyfriend says one thing, but does another, what do you believe? His actions or his words?

6) You can’t always protect the ones you love. Sometimes the only way to protect them is to tell them the truth—even if it hurts.

7) When you are in love, you usually want to talk a lot more about your boyfriend than your girlfriends care to hear.

8) You shouldn’t mess with magic if you don’t know what you’re doing. Especially when someone could end up sterile.

9) Sometimes it is the little choices we make, and not the big ones, that define who we are.

10) Be careful what you wish for or you might end up turning a bright shade of red in the boys’ bathroom.

The Interview:

C.C. Hunter
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Lisarenee: The big question I have is since you announced that Chosen at Nightfall is to be your last and final book of the Shadow Falls series, is there any possibility of a spin-off series in the near
future? After all Shadow Falls is a place and if Kylie were to move somewhere else.... Well, you get what I'm hoping for. :)

CC: I won’t ever say never. And I can’t tell you how hard it is to write this final book. It reminds me of when I moved away from my childhood home and knew I was going to miss all my hometown buddies. And while I would love to come back to Shadow Falls sometimes, right now, what I can tell you is that I have already sold my next series and it’s not about Kylie or anyone at Shadow Falls. However, I think my readers will find all the things they love about Shadow Falls in the new series: a unique paranormal world, characters you can easily fall in love with, a book about friendships, hot guys, lots of emotion, and tons of laughter.

Lisarenee: You originally started writing romances under the pen name Christie Craig, but used a different pen name, CC Hunter, when you decided to write a young adult series. What do you think of all the romance writers lately using their current pen names when they start writing young adult books? Granted, times have changed and more adults, such as myself, are starting to read more and more young adult books, but do you think a separation a little more distinct than just young adult or adult fiction is needed when a romance writer decides to delve into the writing of young adult books? I would think it might make the initial switch a little harder, but I'm curious what your initial reasons were for changing your pen name, and if you were to have waited to start your series until the present time, would you still have written the books under a different name from the one you use for romance?

CC: That is a very good question. And one that is hard to answer. I think each author, and perhaps each publisher, might have a different opinion. When I first sold my series to St. Martin’s Griffin, my editor gave me the option of using my real name. However, she said since my other books were romantic comedies and while my humor was going to come into play in the Shadow Falls books, she didn’t see them being marketed as humor, so she suggested I go with a pen name. I decided to go with her thoughts on the matter. Now, from the very beginning they marketed C.C. Hunter as. . . . a pen name for the award-winning author, Christie Craig. It was never a secret. Even in my bio on the website, I state that I write humorous romantic suspense novels under my real name, Christie Craig. Yet, I do not advertize my romances on the C.C. Hunter site because I know that some of my audience are too young to read romance novels. Yet, I do advertize my YA books to my Christie Craig fans.

If I had it to do over again, I think I would do the same thing. Not because I’m trying to hide what I write, but because I think it is a marketing tool. I have a huge crossover from my older C.C. Hunter fans to my Christie Craig fans, but I still have those who read only paranormal or only humorous romantic suspense. If one of those got confused and bought a book with the different genre, they might be disappointed. SO the different pen names is merely a marketing tool that lets the readers know what type of book they are reading.

Lisarenee: When you first started writing the Shadow Falls series, did you already know what you planned to have Kylie be? In the first book, you hinted she could be a demigod or the child of one. Did your plans for Kylie change as the series developed?

CC: Nothing changed. However, you just discovered my secret. I’m not a plotter. I really do write to discover the story just as my readers read to learn the story. Would you believe that I’m working on the last book and I’m still going back and forth over whom Kylie will choose, Lucas or Derek? And when I first started writing the story, I didn’t know who the ghost was in the first book. . To me, writing books is very much like getting to know someone. You don’t meet someone and in one, two or three weeks get to know them. It take weeks, months, and sometimes years before you really know what makes someone tick. While I always have a handle on the moral character of a character, I don’t know everything they will face during the course of the story. And the characterization of real and fictional people will depend a lot on what lessons he/she learns through the course of the story. So while my plans don’t change, sometimes my characters become smarter, more frightened, or more aware of different issues as the story unfolds.

Lisarenee: In Born at Midnight we learned Kylie was born at midnight as were all the kids at Shadow Falls camp. In later books we learn not all supernaturals are born at midnight. What is the main difference between those born at midnight and those not? Is it that distinction that makes them more likely to be good or bad? From her run in with Roberto (aka Red) we learned even those who are bad can be saved. Their fate is not set in stone.

CC: Yes, in the Shadow Falls world it is commonly believed that anyone born past midnight has a higher percentage chance of becoming evil. My goal in showing that scene was to exhibit that just like in real life there are exceptions to every rule. And sometimes our preconceived notions have a strong influence on what shapes people and circumstances. For example, Lucas wants to change the world’s view that all supernaturals raised by rogues are bad. In real life our world and our view of things are constantly changing, and fiction should reflect this.

Lisarenee: Besides being a chameleon, Kylie is a Protector. From what we know of her father, he was one as well. Can you tell us a little more about Protectors? Is a supernatural born a Protector? Is it a status they can loose once they are one? Since they are so rare, I was curious if an individual needed a combination of qualities in order to be one?

CC: Yes, Kylie is a chameleon and a protector and supernaturals are born protectors. It is not something they choose to be or something they grow up to be. However, most protectors don’t exhibit their gifts until they are in their late teens or early twenties, as it was with Kylie’s father. They can be any type of supernatural. But it is believed that only those who are foreseen to have great moral character and standards are chosen to be protectors. It is one of the highest gifts a person can have in the supernatural world. And there are very few protectors. As a matter of fact, Kylie’s father is the first known Chameleon to be born a protector. However, a protector does not always pass on the gift of being a protector. As a matter of fact, Kylie is the first who is believed to have possibly inherited the gift.

When I write, I want my characters and my world to reflect that of the real world. The talents and gifts a person is born with in the real world are baffling. Some people are simply born to play the piano, others are simply born to be the whiz kids. I created the whole protector gift because I wanted Kylie to be extra special, but I needed her to be vulnerable, too. It was important for her to need other people to be the best she can be. In a way, the thing that saves Kylie and those she cares about is that magical thing called love, as well as the basic respect for her fellow man. In a way, I think this is the basic truth about life. Love and respect is what makes us better humans. It is the ingredients of what makes a real life hero.

Lisarenee: Thanks CC for taking the time to answer my questions C.C.

CC: Thanks so much for having me here today. You asked some very intriguing questions. 

On sale today, Whispers at Moonrise

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