Friday, February 4, 2011

My Soul to Take by Rachel Vincent

Kaylee has a secret that she's kept. She can tell when someone is going to die. She sees a darkness around the person and get an incredible urge to scream. The last time such an event occurred no one believed her and she was confined for a week to a mental health ward. Now she knows she's not crazy because the girl she just singled out as about to die the night before actually did. But what good is knowing someone's about to die if you can't change it? She literally looses all function but the urge to scream when she encounters someone on the verge of death. Her best friend and one of the cutest guys in school both witnessed what happened and thought she was having a panic attack. Somehow they managed to calm her before she screamed. Now she'll search for some answers about what is happening to her and try to figure out why 3 totally healthy teenage girls have mysteriously dropped dead for no apparent reason.


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