Friday, February 18, 2011

The Valley of Horses (Earth's Children, #2) by Jean M. Auel

This books starts off with Ayla trying to survive on her own while dealing with the grief of loosing her son and the only family she's ever known. While her previous punishment may have been deserved, her current one most definitely was not. Brun's jealousy and hatred of her was the reason she was cast out and nothing that she, herself had done. So Ayla starts the quest Ina requested she take - a quest to find the "Others".

We also are introduced to Jondalar and his brother. Two men on a journey of exploration. The addition of the two men to the story makes you know one of them will end up somehow entangled with Ayla, but you will have to wait for a good portion of the book for the two to meet, but don't worry. Auel adds a lot of other fun twists and turns to the story to make the book interesting although I was starting to get a little upset that the two didn't meet sooner.

I gave this one a 4 out 5 stars.

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