Friday, February 4, 2011

Awakened by a Kiss by Lila DiPasqua

This book is anthology of 3 stories written by the same author. If she didn't tell you what the connections was to Fairy Tales you probably would have no clue they were variations of the well known tales. All are historical romances that take place in France.

Sleeping Beau
Sort of a twist on Sleeping Beauty. Catherine did something five years ago that she's not proud of, but she was desperate. She seduced a man from Vienna by lacing his drink with an aphrodisiac. She gave up her virginity that night expecting to never see the man again, but sometimes your past comes back to haunt you.

Turns out the man whom she seduced all those years ago was the King's son. He's just spotted her and he wants answers. She's haunted his dreams almost every night since their one night of passion.

Little Red Writing

Anne, Henriette, and Camille are sisters and authors. One of them writes articles under the name Gilbert Leduc. The articles reveal secrets about the male nobility that can ruin or make a mockery out of them. They are also considered illegal.

Nicholas de Savignac is a Musketeer and part of the King's private Guard. They have been sent to arrest whichever of the women is Gilbert Leduc. Nicholas senses a mutual attraction between himself and Anne and decides the best way to get information is to seduce her and get her to feel at ease around him so she'll spill who is the mysterious Gilbert Leduc really is.

Very fun.

Bewitching in Boots

Clair is the favorite daughter of the King. She's a widow and knows that her father has plans for her to wed again. Before the King makes up his mind Clair comes up with a plan which she hopes will allow her to choose her own husband. The problem is he sees her as a manipulative spoiled tease and doesn't wish to play her silly games. When he decides to call her bluff he realizes first impressions aren't always correct.

Note to those of you who dislike the use of words like f@ck and such this one does contain such language.

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