Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bury Your Dead (Armand Gamache, #6) by Louise Penny

Publisher: Minotaur Books; First Edition edition (September 28, 2010)
ISBN-10: 0312377045
ISBN-13: 978-0312377045
Classification: Adult Fiction
Genre: Mystery
Format: Hardcover, 384 pages

"There are a lot of reasons for murder, Chief Inspector, as you know."
"Actually, mon Pere, I've found there's only one. Beneath all the justifications, all the psychology, all the motives given, like revenge or greed or jealousy, there lies the real reason."
"And what's that?"
"Fear. Fear of losing what you have or not getting what you want."
“And yet, fear of eternal damnation doesn’t stop them. “
“No. Neither does fear of getting caught. Because they don’t believe in either.”
“You think it’s not possible to believe in God and commit murder?”
The priest was staring at Gamache now, his face relaxed, amused even. His eyes calm, his voice light. Then why was he clutching his cassock in his fist?
“Depends on the God you believe in,” said Gamache.
“There is only one God, Chief Inspector.”
“Perhaps, but all sorts of humans who see imperfectly. Even God. Especially God.” from page 133-134

There is so much going on in this book. Armand Gemache is the Chief Inspector taking a leave of absence following a tragic case six months prior which left a group of his hand picked agents either dead or injured. He, himself, was injured, but is steadily recovering, physically at least. Although many were saved by Gemache’s actions, it‘s the ones he didn‘t save that affect him. Throughout the story he is haunted. Haunted by the fact he is not perfect, haunted by the fact he made mistakes, haunted by the fact his errors led to the death of his men, and haunted by the man he didn’t save in time, agent Morin. The man he promised he’d save in time.

Upon reflecting on his imperfections Gemache decides to unofficially reopen a murder case to see if perhaps he may have been distracted from what really happened like he was in the case six months ago. Gabri, the arrested man’s partner, asked a question that sticks in Gemache’s mind, “Why would Oliver move the body?“ Gemache asks his friend and colleague, Jean-Guy Beauvoir, to see if there is even a possibility he could have arrested the wrong person.

While visiting his friend and former mentor, Emile Comeau, in Quebec he is asked to assist in the murder investigation of Augustin Renaud. Renaud was a Champlain fanatic who attempted to find Samuel de Champlain’s, the founder of Quebec/Canada, body. So the big question surrounding his death, after who did it, is was Champlain buried under the building Renaud’s body was found - the Literary and Historical Society building? And did that have something do with his death? Did he perhaps get to close to the truth?

As Louise Penny states in her Acknowledgment, “Bury Your Dead is not about death, but about life. And the need to both respect the past and let it go.” Also, as stated by the character Reverend Tom Hancock to Gemache, “Joy doesn’t ever leave, you know. It’s always with you. And one day you’ll find it again.” From page 101. Once Gemache learns to let it go he’ll find his inner peace.

This is not a book to be rushed. Like a fine French wine it should be savored so that you can really appreciate the taste and flavor of it. Let it linger on the palate to engage all the senses. I loved it!

I gave it 5 out of 5 stars.

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