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Free Short Stories/Novellas From Authors

If you really love a book or books by an author, then I highly recommend you check out their website. Sometimes there's candy,er, freebies there. Some of the freebies are available via email while others are available on the website. Here is a list I compiled a while ago which has some excellent examples of what I mean. Enjoy:

Fear the Darkness by Sherrilyn Kenyon.

According to Kenyon's website: "This is a special thank you to readers for all the great years. It's a small story about Nick's homecoming to New Orleans after his mother's death and after Katrina."

Free story can be downloaded from (look for the above cover in the box labeled Free Story):

Link to "Fear the Darkness" by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Somehow I think we should be thanking her.:)


A Hathaway Wedding by Lisa Kleypas is a free short story available via email on Lisa's website.

Link to Lisa's website:

Link to free short story, A Hathaway Wedding by Lisa Kleypas:


Here is the link to Kelley Armstrong's free stories:

The below information was gotten from Kelley's website:

One of the 2010 stories. What did Derek and Simon do when they were separated from Chloe in The Awakening? Find out in this story, now in progress.

How Derek and Simon’s dad disappeared and they ended up at Lyle House.

Origin story for Katiana, an Edison Group subject who also appears in “Kisses from Hell.” First published in Eternal Kiss.

Very short story written as an extra for Frostbitten. It takes place before the book begins, and launched the investigation that eventually led Elena and Clay to Alaska.

Short story originally published in SpectraPulse Magazine. In Frostbitten, Elena mentions tracking a killer in Winnipeg. This is that story.

This graphic novella tells the story of Elena’s “becoming” a werewolf—that dark period from the time Clay bites her through her escape to Toronto.

Framed novella
Nick wakes up next to a stranger. Nothing new for Nick…except that this woman’s dead. He’s sure he’s being framed. With the rest of the Pack busy, he’s determined to handle this on his own.

Talia discovers the truth about her son, Adam’s, heritage.

Xavier gets the “From Hell” letter theft job.

The Case of the Half-Demon Spy
Paige & Adam’s first sleuthing adventure.

Karl Marsten before the events of Bitten.

Eve’s incarceration at the compound.

A Kenneth adventure!

Truth & Consequences
Here I first created the character of Elena. If you’ve read Bitten, you may recognize some aspects of the story, which were briefly recounted there. The events were the impetus (or excuse) for Elena deciding to leave the Pack—a resolve which she must break at the start of Bitten." (All the above Free online story information gotten off of Kelley's website, so check it out!)


From Jennifer Estep, the author of Spider's Bite, Web of Lies, and Venom

Here is the link to the short stories by Jennifer Estep(scroll down once you're there):

The following information was found on Jennifer Estep's website. For more information on Jennifer and to read some of her excerpts and the free short stories listed below check out her website: :)

Some of the free short stories you'll find on Jennifer Estep's website are:

"Spider’s Bar­gain: This is a short story that takes place before the events of Spider’s Bite, the first book in the Ele­men­tal Assas­sin series. In Spider’s Bar­gain, Gin Blanco takes on a cor­rupt cop, but only one of them will be left stand­ing in the end.

Web of Death: This short story takes place after the events of Spider’s Bite but before the begin­ning of Web of Lies. In Web of Death, Gin Blanco’s retire­ment is inter­rupted by some unwanted guests.

Web of Deceit: This short story takes place when Gin is a teenager. It’s told from the point of view of Fletcher Lane, Gin’s assas­sin men­tor, and focuses on Gin’s first solo job as the assas­sin the Spi­der.

Poi­son: This short story takes place when Gin is a teenager and is told from the point of view of Finnegan Lane, Gin’s fos­ter brother.

Wasted: This short story takes place in between the events of Web of Lies and Venom. One day, a beau­ti­ful woman walks into the bank where Finn works, and trou­ble soon fol­lows."

Tan­gled Dreams: This short story takes place in between the events of Venom and Tan­gled Threads. It’s told from the points of view of Jo-Jo Dev­er­aux and her sis­ter, Sophia Dev­er­aux. When a car­jacker fol­lows an injured Gin back to Jo-Jo’s beauty salon, Jo-Jo and Sophia join forced to elim­i­nate the threat.

Tan­gled Schemes: This short story spans a period of time start­ing from the last chap­ter of Spider’s Bite and end­ing right before the begin­ning of Tan­gled Threads. It’s told from Detec­tive Bria Coolidge’s point of view and shows her search for her long-lost sis­ter Genevieve Snow. What Bria doesn’t know is what she’s going to do about the fact that Genevieve also hap­pens to be the assas­sin the Spi­der.

(The above descriptions are directly quoted from Jennifer's website to entice you to check out her website.)


From author Beth Fantasky there is an extra to Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Darkside called The Wedding of Antanasia Jessica Packwood and Lucius Valerieu Vladescu. It is available for free to read online on the author's website:

Link to Beth's website:

Link to the free short story, The Wedding of Antanasia Jessica Packwood and Lucius Valerieu Vladescu:

It is printer friendly.


Karen Chance's website has free short stories. They can be downloaded in eBook format.:

Stories include:

"The Gauntlet" (a Kit Marlowe short) is the prequel to "The Queen's Witch"
"The Queen's Witch" (a Kit Marlowe short)
"The Day of the Dead" - Contains spoilers for Touch the Dark and Claimed by Shadow.
"A Family Affair" (a John Pritkin short)
"Shadowland" (a John Pritkin short)
"Masks" (a Mircea Basarab short)

A link to Karen's website:

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