Friday, March 4, 2011

River Marked (Mercedes Thompson #6) by Patricia Briggs

Title: River Marked
Classification: Adult Fiction
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal
Series: Mercedes Thompson
Publisher: Ace Books (March 1, 2011)
ISBN-10: 0441019730
ISBN-13: 978-0441019731
Classification: Adult Fiction
Format: Hardcover, 324 + 2 more unmarked pages of a letter to Adam by Mercy in case she doesn't survive

"My life used to be normal," I told his shoulder. "I got up. Went to work. Fixed a few cars, paid a few bills, and no one tried to kill me. My father was dead; my mother was six hours away by car-I could even manage to make that trip last eight or nine hours if I worked at it."

"Argued with your back-fence neighbor," Adam said, his voice very gentle.

"And watched him when he wasn't looking," I agreed. "Because every once in a while, especially after a full moon hunt, he'd forget that I could see in the dark, and he'd run around naked in the backyard."

"He laughed silently. "I never forgot you could see in the dark," he admitted. page 212

Well, I for one am glad Mercy's life isn't boring. lol

"There was once a place where a band of Indians lived. 'Don't go to that village; they are marked by the river,' the people would say. 'If you go there, you will not come back. They will feed you to the river.' All the people of that village wore a brown mark on their bodies, and obeyed the hungry river in all things." Page 180

A creature lurks in the water of the Columbia Gorge. It preys on people. If it doesn't eat you it'll mark you as it's own. You'll be River Marked.

In this one Mercy and Adam will need to figure out what is killing the people in the water of the Columbia Gorge. River Marked is jammed packed with a lot of things fans (like me) have been waiting for. *jumps up and down and does a happy dance* Mercy gets married and finds out a about her heritage and father, and meets a man who is and isn't her father.

I gave this one 4 out of 5 paw prints, er, roses.
A Bonus for everyone:
A link to the Maryhill Museum of Art website:

Timeline originally posted on the Hurog forum website (Patricia's forum for questions about her books). - I always tell you there is gold on author's websites, blogs, etc  and this is a prime example: ( FYI, I have added to it as it seems to have been deleted:

Order of the Mercedes Thompson series:

Order of the Alpha & Omega series:

 Graphic Novel Prequel to the Mercedes Thompson series 
(I read it in a books store):

 Novellas in Anthologies for the Mercedes Thomson Series:
- "Gray" from 'Home Improvement: Undead Edition' anthology
- "Fairy Gifts" from 'Naked City: Tales of Urban Fantasy' anthology
- "Star of David" in 'Wolfsbane and Mistletoe' anthology
- "In Red, With Pearls" from the 'Down These Strange Streets' anthology
- 'Shifting Shadows: Stories from the World of Mercy Thompson' by Patricia Briggs. It contains the following Novellas: #0.1, "Gray", "Fairy Gifts", "Star of David", #4.5, "In Red With Pearl", #7.4)

Novellas in Anthologies for the Alpha & Omega Series:
- "Seeing Eye" in the 'Strange Brew anthology'
- "Alpha and Omega" in the 'On the Prowl anthology' ***HIGHLY RECOMMEND you read before reading Cry Wolf, the first book in the Alpha & Omega series.***

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