Saturday, June 18, 2011

Early Review of Ashes of Angels(Of Angels and Demons #3)\The Ninja Vampire's Girl (Of Angels and Demons #2.5) Michele Hauf

The Summoning:
A group of Vampires have found a way to summon Fallen Angels from the Ninth Void to earth. The Ninth Void is where the Fallen have been imprisoned for centuries. The vampires believe that a Nephilim's blood is the key to their being able to walk in the sun. They wish to test their theory. Their mission is to unite the Fallen with their Muse so that more Nephilim will be born.

She knew him before she met him......
Cassandra had pictured him in her mind and had even sculpted his image into a silver necklace. She'd been told he would come for her. She sensed he'd find her sooner rather than later.

How can you fight destiny..... 
The mating of Fallen Angel and Muse is undesirable. They breed Nephilim which are vicious and will wreak havoc upon the world. Every Fallen Angel only has one Muse of it's own. That Muse is the only human female that the Angel can mate with. For a Muse finding her Fallen Angel spells disaster. The Angel is consumed with lust for its mate, and it's only mission is to impregnate her. Cassandra's mission is to kill her Fallen Angel before it has that chance. When she meets Samandiriel, however, she finds he's nothing like she been told, well, mostly..... 

The review:
I've been wanting to try one of Harlequin's Nocturne books for a while and finally got the opportunity.  In Ashes of Angels, I enjoyed seeing Samandiriel change Cassandra's opinion of him. He's determined to find a way back into the Above and regrets his fall from grace. He not only has to fight his baser instincts he's also trying to fight the feelings; he's starting to have for his Muse. I would have liked to have seen the The Ninja Vampire's Girl expanded. I truly enjoyed Zane and felt the Novella was a little rushed. Granted, there is only so much space allowed for a short story. The world of demons, vampires, angels, etc was fun. So if you're looking for a light read that has some gorgeous supernatural beings mixed in you may want to pick up this book. I gave both the book and novella 3 out of 5 roses.

Order to read the series:

.5 Halo Hunter (novella)
1. Angel Slayer
2. Fallen
2.5 The Ninja Vampire's Girl (novella included in Ashes of Angels)
3. Ashes of Angels

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