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Magic Strikes (Kate Daniels, #3) by Ilona Andrews

    Magic Strikes (Kate Daniels, Book 3)
  • Title: Magic Strikes
  • Classification: Adult Fiction 
  • Genre: Urban Fantasy
  • Format: Paperback, 310 pages
  • Publisher: Ace; Original edition (March 31, 2009)
  • ISBN-10: 0441017029
  • ISBN-13: 978-0441017027
  • Notes: Language used that some may find offensive.

"On a scale from one to ten, the Pack was eleven and everything else a one." (Magic Burns)

Kate thought she knew where she stood when it came to Jim, her occasional partner for the Mercenary Guild. That was before she got herself into her current situation. She always knew pack came first, but truly you'd think by now some trust would have formed. Sometimes, however, you need to set those you care about straight and get tough....

I had had just about enough.  "Fine. You won't tell me why your crew worked me over. You won't let me see Derek. That's your prerogative. We'll do it your way, James Damael Shrapshire, in your capacity as the Pack's chief security officer, you have permitted Pack members under you command to deliberately injure an employee of the Order. At least three individuals involved in the assault wore the shapeshifter warrior form. Under the Georgia Code, a Shapeshifter in a warrior form is equivalent to being armed with a deadly weapon. Therefore, your actions fall under O.C.G.A. Section 16-5-21(c), aggravated assault on a peace officer engaged in the performance of her duties, which is punishable by mandatory imprisonment of no less than five and no more than twenty years. A formal complaint will be filed with the Order within twenty-four hours. I advise you to seek the assistance of counsel."  (Magic Strikes)

It started with a call from Saiman letting her know he'd found her favorite sidekick werewolf, Derek, breaking into his place. From there things just got more and more interesting as Kate got blackmailed into attending the Midnight Games, an invitation-only preternatural tournament, with Saiman. The team that was annihilating the competition had passed as human, but seemed to be anything but. Saiman wanted Kate's opinion on the group. Where does Jim fit into the picture? He's trying to figure out who's getting weres into the games so he can put a stop to it. Derek, working under Jim's direction, was attempting to lift an invitation into the games. Jim is operating, however, behind the Beast Lord's back and has to go into hiding to complete his task.

In this book, we learn who Kate's father is, the real shape of Saiman, and someone (yeah, you know who) declares his intentions for Kate. *swoon* Plus Kate, with her big mouth, throws down a challenge to The Beast Lord:

"I tell you what, if you find us before those three days run out, I'll cook you a damn dinner and serve it to you naked."

This one was about as good as they come. I gave it a 5 out of 5 roses. Gasp! I've been seduced by a series. (smirk) I HIGHLY recommend this one. 

Mythology Note:
"Aesir, Old Norse Æsir, singular Áss, in Scandinavian mythology, either of two main groups of deities, four of whom were common to the Germanic nations: Odin, chief of the Aesir; Frigg, Odin’s wife; Tyr, god of war; and Thor, whose name was the Teutonic word for thunder. Some of the other important Aesir were Balder, Jörd, Heimdall, and Loki." (Found in the Encyclopedia Britannica - online version: ) 

Order of Series:

1. Magic Bites
2. Magic Burns
3. Magic Strikes
4. Magic Bleeds
5. Magic Slays

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