Monday, June 20, 2011

Early Review of Seduced by Her Highland Warrior (MacKinloch Clan, #2) by Michelle Willingham

    Seduced by Her Highland Warrior (Harlequin Historical)
  • Title: Seduced by Her Highland Warrior 
  • Classification: Adult Fiction
  • Genre: Historical Romance
  • Format: Paperback. 288 pages
  • Publisher: Harlequin (July 19, 2011) 
  • ISBN-10: 0373296541
  • ISBN-13: 978-0373296545 

Somethings in life are worth fighting for- your home, your family, your marriage. The latter is what  Michelle Willingham explores in 'Seduced by Her Highland Warrior'. Alex's and Laren's marriage hasn't been the same since their son died. We each deal with our grief in different ways, and sometimes the way we deal with our personal agony can drive a wedge between us and the ones we love. Lauren deals with her grief by throwing herself in to her glass making. Alex deals with his grief by throwing himself into the duties of being the chief of his clan. Each still loves the other, but sometimes one wonders if love is enough? This is the journey of Laren and Alex as they deal with the grief of the son they lost nearly three years ago, of the misunderstandings that can develop from not communicating with each other, and the insecurities that develop when things are not seemingly working.

This is a beautiful and touching romance that delves into a realm most romance authors rarely dare to touch upon. What happens after the "I dos" are said? Is it truly a happily ever after? Does the couple ever experience bumps in the road?  Can a couple rekindle the love they once had?  I loved that Laren's talent was both the making of glass and the art of creating exquisite windows to be used in a church. While Willingham didn't go too deep into the art of stained glass window making, I feel an analogy could be made between that portion of her craft and Laren's and Alex's marriage. I've worked with stained glass and the process can be a little like that of life. Sometimes things don't fit together smoothly and you need to reshape them to fit. Other times a piece of glass may break and you need to replace it or the whole thing looks ruined, but it's salvageable. Sometimes you get cut by the glass and the edges need to be smoothed. To get the window to be the way you wish it to be takes time and effort, just like a marriage. Torn between 4 and 5 roses, I gave this one 4 1/2 out of 5 roses
Order to be read:
2. Seduced by Her Highland Warrior (Coming July 19th)

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